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25858Re: [peditors] 5-Way Center Select on Treo 650

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  • Paul Nevai
    May 1, 2005
      Hi Dave:

      # Forum, I hope all is well. Has anyone sucessfully used the 5-way
      # center select function with the 650 and scripts? If so, what is its
      # token/parameters?
      # On the 600, I used /xn, but that doesn't appear to work on the 650?
      # In doing some troubleshooting, I see that the 5 way-center select acts
      # differently than pressing the return button. If it helps, the below
      # is what I used to launch VersaMail and get new messages. My x3 was
      # mapped to VersaMail. Now it launches VM, and I believe goes to the
      # correct button, but does not execute that button which is highlighted.
      # pScript_05{j::/&launch[@@MultiMail@@]/x3/xs/xs/xs/xn}
      # Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

      There is no general "5 way-center select" pToken. As I recall, it has never
      existed. /xn works only when pedit/pToolSet has special instructions to
      convert RETURN into 5-way select.

      The lack of "5 way-center select" pTokens is very useful. This way every
      5-way trick programmed into pToolSet/pedit avoids conflicts with pScripting.

      Alas, in view of the bug-rich nature of OS 5, especially with the latest
      devices such as the T5 and the Treo 650, the latter lack of conflicts comes

      As my beta testers know, we live on a bug rich diet these days.

      BTW, you should use the /&control[] pFunction in the above example and you
      should probably chain scripts. I also beg you to build your scripts step by
      step. Do not jump into complicated situations.

      All=my=best, Paul
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