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257Re: [peditors] Using PeditPro with Phlegm Hack and Arranger

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  • whytcrow@io.com
    Aug 1, 2000
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      >I like ThoughtMill from HandsHigh Software (www.handshigh.com).

      ThoughtMill gets slow though if you have outlines of any size.

      I now have the beta version of Arranger, and reinstalled pedit so I
      could link to it, and wow, that's cool. I'm much happier now having
      all my editing functions as normal. I was even happier when I
      realized how you get *back* to Arranger (hit the apps button) from
      pedit. ;) This makes it worth reg'ing Arranger.


      The White Crow
      FUDGE Deryni and the Penn Ar Mor Ars Magica Saga:
      "Your destruction is the will of the gods, and we are their
      instrument." -- Halo
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