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25507Re: [peditors] Re: pEditTool feature request

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  • Paul Nevai
    Mar 3, 2005
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      Hi Maya:

      # {pScript_00:/&launch[@@peditp4Launcher@@]}
      # And then assigned my deisred button vua pMasterTool to "run pScript_00".
      # Thing is - this does not work. Pressing the button (I have tried
      # different durations) does nothing but dispalys a black box on the
      # screen for a short time specifing that I have pressed a button.
      # On the other hand if I use pScriptTool and ask to run pScript_00 then
      # I do get my result (i.e. pEditPro being launched).
      # Anyone can help me solve the mystery?

      Yes, I can. It's not a mystery but an issue of errors. Please read the
      examples about pScript_00 tags in the manual. The above is not even a
      pScript. Misses "::". Your pScript_00 is not a tag but a script name.

      EXAMPLE. ... pScript_08 blahblah {mess::/&mess@[@@pScript_08@@,,]}

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