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25496Re: pEditTool feature request

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  • Maya Rose
    Mar 2, 2005
      Thanks guys.

      Thing is I want to be able to Launch pEditPro from a button without
      using the Palm Preferences as I will have to give up another imporant
      application (the NotePad for exampl).

      Can someone help me with a simple script for that? I was thinking
      along the line of &launch which will be bound to pScript_00 which I
      can then invoke by attaching it to a key using pMasterTool. if
      pScript_00 invokes the pEditPro, than I am all set

      Thanks in advance,

      --- In peditors@yahoogroups.com, "John Markley Jr." <jmmjr@u...> wrote:
      > --- In peditors@yahoogroups.com, John Kershaw <yahoogroups@k...>
      > wrote:
      > > Hi Maya,
      > >
      > > At 7:34 am +0000 2/3/05, Maya Rose wrote:
      > > >One of the great special features of pEditTool is the way it
      > can "take
      > > >over" the built-in MemoPad (when "Auto pEditMemo is on"). Thus
      > when I
      > > >go (or another application points me to) MemoPad there is a specail
      > > >pEditTool kicks in.
      > >
      > > Why do you (or another application) ever go to Memopad?
      > >
      > > Have you used the Prefs app to change the rightmost button to use
      > > pedit rather than Memopad? Then you should never have to see
      > Memopad
      > > again (I think the only time I've been into Memopad in the last
      > > couple of years was to see how the AutoPeditTool functioned!).
      > Maya- Second that, both Paul and John's comments. Just stick
      > your MemoPad icon in some category where you never go and only run
      > pedit. Remeber that with peditPro you have two pedit memos, pedit04
      > which takes the place of MemoPad (but under OS5 will give you 32k)
      > and pedit32 which is completely independent of MemoPad. The one you
      > want shows !m32Memos at the top of listview. Pedit32 shows !p32Memos.
      > John M.
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