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25495Re: pEditTool feature request

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  • John Markley Jr.
    Mar 2, 2005
      --- In peditors@yahoogroups.com, John Kershaw <yahoogroups@k...>
      > Hi Maya,
      > At 7:34 am +0000 2/3/05, Maya Rose wrote:
      > >One of the great special features of pEditTool is the way it
      can "take
      > >over" the built-in MemoPad (when "Auto pEditMemo is on"). Thus
      when I
      > >go (or another application points me to) MemoPad there is a specail
      > >pEditTool kicks in.
      > Why do you (or another application) ever go to Memopad?
      > Have you used the Prefs app to change the rightmost button to use
      > pedit rather than Memopad? Then you should never have to see
      > again (I think the only time I've been into Memopad in the last
      > couple of years was to see how the AutoPeditTool functioned!).

      Maya- Second that, both Paul and John's comments. Just stick
      your MemoPad icon in some category where you never go and only run
      pedit. Remeber that with peditPro you have two pedit memos, pedit04
      which takes the place of MemoPad (but under OS5 will give you 32k)
      and pedit32 which is completely independent of MemoPad. The one you
      want shows !m32Memos at the top of listview. Pedit32 shows !p32Memos.

      John M.
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