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25204Re: myNotes Feature Request

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  • John Markley Jr.
    Jan 1, 2005
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      --- In peditors@yahoogroups.com, Paul Nevai <nevai@m...> wrote:
      > Hi Thomas:
      > # Here's my request: allow the user to have a myNotes memo in each category
      > # (including Unfiled). Perhaps allow the user to name the memo
      > # 000.myNotes_Personal or 000.myNotes_Business. Then if the user taps on the
      > # myNotes button pedit checks to see what category the user is in and opens
      > # the appropriate myNotes. That way the user can keep his or her notes
      > # separated by category.
      > So what happens if you are in the "all" category in ListView? Nothing?
      > # Now since each category can have its own myNotes memo, changing the
      > # category of a myNotes memo doesn't make sense. Here is a second
      > # request: When a user is in a myNotes memo and changes the category through
      > # the menu in the upper right corner pedit switches to the myNotes memo of
      > # the selected category. That way a user can switch back and forth from one
      > # collection of notes to another quickly and easily.
      > This is way too complicated although probably doable.
      > I need strong support from the Forum to embark on this. OK?
      > Best regards, Paul

      Here is yet another opinion on this request [mine :) ]. First, I'm indebted to Thomas for
      raising the qustion since it led me to DayNotez, which I had not encountered. Having
      installed it on my T3 as a trial I'm going to buy it as, for me, it is a quite useful
      complementary app in concert with peditPro and pToolSet. Which is my point--they are
      designed for different purposes and work well together (for me). I wonder whether
      Thomas has tried activating pEditTool while in DayNotez, as this gives much, though not
      all, of the peditorial functionality of myNotes, while having the multi--category features of
      DayNotez; plus, since myNotes is essentially a (specially empowered) memo, myNotes and
      DayNotez can mutually be import/exported.
      And if this is a useful solution, I wonder whether Paul would consider writing an auto
      pEditTool "thingie" for DayNotez as he has done for DateBk5 ? DayNotez already has an
      app launch link built in with DateBk5, so it might meet Paul's criterion for a highly stable
      endeavor. Maybe this would be more doable and less complicated than Thomas' original
      request; but, also maybe not really what he's looking for.... ?? what think ?? JMM
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