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25109Re: [peditors] About pGraffitiTool

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  • Ray Drew
    Dec 20, 2004
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      Paul Nevai wrote:

      > # > You can use pGraffitiTool only when the OS supports the Graffiti area.
      > # > Maybe on a closed TT3 it doesn't. I really don't know this. However, on
      > # > my Tungsten T [the original one], it works just fine. Open or closed. As
      > # > I recall, it didn't work on the Tungsten W since it had no Graffiti
      > # > engine.
      > # I always assumed you had written it to work with the Tungsten C but
      > # presumably that doesn't support the Graffiti area either.
      > It does!!! Yes, it does. Since you can also write on the screen. It supports
      > Graffiti II.
      > SUMMARY. Tungsten W = no and Tungsten C = yes

      In theory, T3 should then, since it also supports write on screen with
      Graffiti II.

      Can anyone confirm whether pGraffitiTool works on a T3 with the slider
      closed? I have just taken delivery of a T3 and assumed it was going to.

      If it doesn't, I might return it (it's still unopened and I can only
      return it if it stays that way).


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