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25106Re: [peditors] About pGraffitiTool

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  • Paul Nevai
    Dec 20, 2004
      Salut Christine:

      # Can one use pGraffiTool on the T3, closed drawer ? On my T3, that does not
      # work.

      You can use pGraffitiTool only when the OS supports the Graffiti area. Maybe
      on a closed TT3 it doesn't. I really don't know this. However, on my
      Tungsten T [the original one], it works just fine. Open or closed. As I
      recall, it didn't work on the Tungsten W since it had no Graffiti engine.

      My guess: it may work on the TT3 and you didn't do it right. However, my
      guesses are occasionally way off their mark.

      Could any other TT3 user test it?

      # Another question: The P of pGraffitiTool, it is "Previous". And D?

      "D"= default position

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