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24282Re: [peditors] Re: pScriptWriter?

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  • John Kershaw
    Jun 2, 2004
      At 8:00 am -0400 2/6/04, Paul Nevai wrote:
      ># http://peditors.com/pScriptWriter/ul_vs_dl.html
      >Superb job!!! You could use the terminal in Mac OS X and use /bin/sh scripts
      >with grep|gawk|sed [or perl] and such to automate the process.
      >I am not a perl guy. I love grep|gawk|sed.
      >BTW, all my scripts use /bin/ksh but then you need to install ksh.

      I've used grep, though only within BBEdit (okay, I ran grep a couple
      of times in the Terminal with some handholding). I read the Llama
      book a couple of years ago but couldn't tell you what's in it :(

      gawk? sed? /bin/ksh? Is that Hungarian???

      I'm sure some regex guru can crunch this puppy (to coin an unfortunate phrase).


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