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23426Re: [peditors] Re: pFind and Fitaly

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  • Rick Reynolds
    Feb 1, 2004
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      Well Paul, something that changed at 7.04 has fixed this issue for me
      anyway. It's weird. It doesn't work on the Treo "as-is", but it works with
      a piece of software called KeyCaps600 (specialty stuff for the Treo 600).
      KeyCaps600 allows me to access shifted characters by either hitting the key
      twice in quick succession, or holding it down. I'm using & as my ESC char
      in pToolSet, and it pops up if I enter & via the KeyCaps600 method, but not
      if I enter the char via the straight Treo keyboard.

      Actually, this may have worked at the last version (when I complained that
      it didn't). I know I was trying to activate pToolSet via the "normal" Treo
      method of entering the & key.

      Paul Nevai wrote:
      > # > # Since you bring this up, could you provide an example of how
      > you do # > this # (without the Fitaly details)? I'm a (somewhat)
      > veteran of # > LTH, but I'm in # an OS5 environment now and am not
      > clear on the ESC # > mechanism in pToolSet. # I've set TAB as my ESC
      > key in pMasterTool, # > but it never seems to do # anything. I think
      > I expected it to pop up # > the pMasterTool list when I keyed # it,
      > but that doesn't happen. # >
      > # > Of course it does. I swear. You need to enable the ESC key in
      > # > pToolSet prefs. MichaelM had problems with it on his Treo 600 but
      > # > otherwise it works prefectly. Even on my Treo 600 simulator.
      > #
      > # Sorry, I'm still not getting it right. I am using a Treo 600, BTW
      > (in case # I didn't mention that before). I've poured over the
      > manual, particularly in # the area of the pMasterTool. When I look
      > at the pToolSet prefs, I have the # "use ESC" check box checked, and
      > I've defined my ESC key to be ' -- in case # there was some kind of
      > problem with TAB. But it doesn't activate the # pMasterTool menu.
      > And in pEditPro, it just inputs a ' char (my ESC key in # pEditPro is
      > &, that works just fine). #
      > # Maybe I should mention that I'm not using an external keyboard to
      > do this. # I'm just using the Treo 600's thumbboard.
      > #
      > # BTW, I do have access to pMasterTool with a stylus. I've enabled
      > one of the # taps and that is working fine. I was wanting to play
      > with the ESC mechanism # for those times when I don't want to reach
      > for the stylus.
      > Aha!!! Treo guy!!! It seems that the Treo 600 simulator and the real
      > device are not the same. So what can I do? Nothing.
      > BUT BUT BUT, please come back to me in a week or so and I will figure
      > out something. Keep buggin' me. Best regards, Paul
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