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23094Re: [peditors] pToolSet advice is needed...

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  • Paul Nevai
    Jan 1, 2004
      # I am trying to implement the optional "automatic pEditTool" command but it
      # is really not a good idea to make it 100% automatic. It is much better if it
      # needs a trigger since it would drive all of us nuts if every text field
      # opened up in pEditTool.
      # QUESTION. What would be a good pEditTool invocation mechanism if "auto
      # pEditTool" is turned on.

      Hi Guys:

      Forget it. I discovered a new [legit] way to hack both OS4- and OS5+ and I
      found a perfect solution.

      There are times when it's perfectly OK to have auto pEditTool and there are
      times when not. Well, pToolSet will sense it and act accordingly.

      For instance, when you go to attached notes of AddressBook and such, then
      pEditTool is preferred.

      Of course, "Auto pEditTool" itself is optional and can be toggled on the fly.

      The new pToolSet is gonna be full of great new features. The current beta is
      already rock solid and new beta testers are welcome
      via responding 2me@....

      Happy new year! Paul
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