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22498Re: [peditors] DOC conversion software for Mac OS X?

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  • Jan Erik Moström
    Sep 5, 2003
      Rodney Topor <r.topor@...> (2003-08-30 05:32) wrote:

      > (a)
      > converting text files to DOC files under Mac OS X and (b) converting
      > DOC files to text files under Mac OS X. MkTlDoc does the first
      > conversion, but it is very old and requires the use of Mac OS Classic
      > (which I otherwise no longer use) under Mac OS X. And I don't know of
      > any software for the DOC to text conversion. (I understand I can
      > apply a text editor to the Memo32DB.pdb file, but this is a hack.)

      Sorry about the late answer, but for (b) you could try MPC
      <http://www.mootjelitt.com/mpc.html>. The current version only converts
      from Palm to OS X but who knows what the future will bring.

      Jan Erik Moström jem@... www.mostrom.pp.se
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