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22484Re: DOC conversion software for Mac OS X?

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  • Paul Nevai
    Sep 1, 2003
      # I am also using isiloX for doc conversion which is a very convenient way to
      # get longer documents into the palm. There is an interesting side effect,
      # though, regarding further use with pedit: to my experience, peditpro will
      # only import doc files which have "REAd" as document creator when looked at
      # in a file manager; but isiloX (and Handstory, for that matter) give another
      # creator label. If I want to import these files into pedit, I therefore
      # manually change the document creator label to REAd via a file manager
      # (filez in my case), which is rather tedious.

      pedit also converts TealDoc DOC files. Regarding isiloX, blame isiloX. They
      decided to ignore/change the rules. Maybe they use a different compression
      scheme and that's why they changed the creator? I am not sure. No matter
      what, pedit considers as DOC only the "classic" and the TealDoc DOC files.
      Fair, isn't it? Best regards, Paul

      P.S. Your message was identified as SPAM by spamAssassin. I wonder why.
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