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22256Re: assign "copy'n'paste" to button-slided "p"?

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  • Bill Starr
    Aug 2, 2003
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      That idea sounds wonderful, Paul. I'll be glad to try it out if you

      As I've mentioned before, I seldom use my PPK since I found
      FitalyHack. Graffiti is fine occasionally, and I'm pretty proficient
      at it, but I have had trouble with something akin to "graffiti
      degradation" (Ref: following link) for nearly as long as I've had my
      Palm Vx. I confirmed this with GrafAid. I tried to figure out what
      causes it, but finally gave up and just found ways to accommodate,
      including using Fitaly for almost all text entry.


      Because of the "spurious straight diagonal lines [which] appear
      instantaneously at the start of a Graffiti stroke", I can't count on
      any particular graffiti stroke being accurate. This is merely
      annoying when trying to produce accurate text. But when trying to
      execute commands, as with a command stroke, or LTH or pedit or
      pToolSet escape sequence, it can cause the loss of data, so I try to
      do as much as I can with taps (or slides), since they are generally
      more reliable for me.

      Thanks, Bill

      Message 22248
      From: Paul Nevai <nevai@m...>
      Date: Sat Aug 2, 2003 6:19 am
      Subject: Re: [peditors] Re: more Fatal Alerts since last pToolSet

      No need to navigate to it: command-q or ESC q. Best regards, Paul

      P.S. Should I assign "copy'n'paste" to a button-slided "P"?

      Message 22247
      From: "Bill Starr" <bill.starr.yahoo@s...>
      Date: Fri Aug 1, 2003 9:49 pm
      Subject: Re: more Fatal Alerts since last pToolSet update

      I do almost everything by taps, rather than keyboard and / or
      graffiti. I think what I lose by using three taps to navigate to and
      select the Copy'N'Paste from the pMagiPad menu...
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