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22243Re: more Fatal Alerts since last pToolSet update

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  • Bill Starr
    Aug 1, 2003
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      Thanks for your reply, Paul.

      1) I have a Palm Vx with OS 3.5.3.

      2) I'm hoping that DateBk5 does not have this issue with the stack.

      3) Until today, I had resisted upgrading from the last version of
      DateBk4 due to the memory hit. I have been happy with the
      capabilitities, and only have about 10 percent of my 8M RAM free, so
      had wanted to avoid losing about 1/4 of my free space by upgrading.

      Today I bit the bullet and deleted some large app's and DOC files I
      rarely use. Then I updated to the last DateBk5 release. Even after
      the update, I now have about 13 percent free. So far no Fatal Alerts
      since updating, even when running through the typical scenario I had

      Regards, Bill

      Message 22238
      From: Paul Nevai <nevai@m...>
      Date: Fri Aug 1, 2003 4:21 am
      Subject: Re: [peditors] more Fatal Alerts since last pToolSet update

      #1. What OS?

      #2. I talk a lot about stacks in pedit's manual. Read about it and
      then fix it using the advice there. Search for the word "stack".The
      reason is that DateBk4 does not create a stack recommended
      by "modern" apps. This way it is compatible,with OS 1.0 and such.
      See also MemBrain.

      3) BTW, what are you doing with DateBk4 when there is DateBk5?

      Message 22237
      From: "Bill Starr" <bill.starr.yahoo@s...>
      Date: Thu Jul 31, 2003 9:17 pm
      Subject: more Fatal Alerts since last pToolSet update

      I have noticed that I seem to be getting more Fatal Alerts since I
      installed pToolSet 6.63 (13 July 2003). The two I see most
      frequently are:

      MemoryMgr.c, Line: 4450, Invalid chunk ptr
      NotifyMgr.c, Line: 2269, Stack overflow

      This one is pretty repeatable, even after a soft reset. If it does
      not happen the first time, it will often occur on the second or
      third try. It appears to occur most often when initiating the search
      from within DateBk4.
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