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  • Paul Nevai
    Jul 27 7:15 AM
      Hi Guys:

      I am gonna release the new pToolSet soon. I am still awaiting for feedback
      from some of the testers.

      I am working now on some new features for pScriptTool which I hope will bring
      pScripting to the masses [so to speak].

      I added already some features which allow a 2-tap activation of scripts.
      Currently you need 4 taps: pScriptool => favorite => select pScript => run.

      On my personal Palm, I no longer use 3rd party launchers. pLaunchTool does it
      all. More efficient and faster. Of course, no fancy-shmancy stuff such as
      icons, but, as you might know, I don't care for such things.

      Best regards, Paul
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