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22086Re: [peditors] I need version 5.9x of PeditPro -- Help

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  • Paul Nevai
    Jul 1, 2003
      # I would like to get a copy of the latest version of 5.9X of PeditPro. I am
      # a registered user but there doesn't seem to be an archive of older than the
      # current version of the software.

      I strongly recommend against using old pedits. Many bugs have been fixed.

      # I would spend the nominal upgrade fee for the latest version, but I'm not
      # sure I am going to use it long term. Money is tight and I have a long list
      # of software I'm planning on purchasing, so anywhere I can conserve, I will.

      If indeed [and honestly] you can't afford it, ask me. Maybe I will upgrade
      you anyway.

      Best regards, Paul
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