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16880IMPORTANT FOOTNOTE Re. New pScript based on Colin's

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  • W. Bruce Maguire II
    Mar 4, 2002
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      Nonsense! The genius is in the idea. In this case, I'm like the
      stereotypical Japanese---I take the new technology and refine it for
      production! ;-) It was a fun distraction for a while yesterday.

      Oh, and SHEESH! I forgot something VERY IMPORTANT!

      I use LapTopHack, and so I DOUBLE-ESCAPE all pedit commands (since I use
      the same <Esc> character for LTH and pedit). My <Esc> character is the
      single-quote mark, "'". I was going to do a search-and-replace before I
      posted, but forgot. Anyone who wants to try the script will need to modify
      it for their own choice of the escape character:

      Search for: ''

      Replace with: <Esc> <--your own escape character.


      At 03:51 AM 3/4/02 +0000, you wrote:
      >i am suitably humbled.

      | W. Bruce Maguire II |
      | maguire@... |
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