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16452Re: [peditors] Newbie pScript question

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  • Chris Parsons
    Feb 1, 2002
      Everyone, thanks for the help, sorry that *I* missed /e# !

      As for LTH-seeming-to-not-run-my-script:

      ># {cal::/&launch Df [@@Calculator@@,]}
      >Works for me perfectly. Just tried it with m505 and both pedit and LTH.
      >Do you see anything on the screen when you try it? What? /Paul

      I don't see anything on the screen after I type the pscript name and press

      Further investigation shows that none of the pscripts I've tried execute via
      LapTopHack, but do in pedit.

      e.g. {boz:: A }

      Inserts the letter A in a pedit memo, but has no effect via LapTopHack when
      in a Datebook appoinment description field.

      I have LTH version 5.991 and pedit 5.91. The only other hack I have is
      McPhiling (application switcher) which I've unticked in X-master. I also use
      JackFlash, but neither LTH or pedit are in flash.

      I did originally have LTH and peditLight and so couldn't use
      scripts/peditHack. Then I installed pedit08. If I didn't do that right,
      could LTH still be believing that it can't do pscripts? Should I use
      peditFixer to do something?



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