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16446RE: [peditors] Newbie pScript question

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  • Urs Hunkler
    Feb 1, 2002
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      > Sorry, not sure I included enough context: The number I want to
      increment is
      > in my document: I can't see how to get a number in a document into a
      > variable (e.g. cut/copy commands don't set $$ [which I don't complain
      > though if the selected text was all digits within the acceptable

      hi chris,

      the following part of the manual describes imo what you look for:

      The token "/e#" [home] checks if there is a currently focused text
      field. Then it assigns the value of the integer number which is either
      right after the cursor or at the beginning of the current text selection
      to the currValue [$$] pVariable. If there is no number there, then the
      currValue is set to 0 [zero].

      when you select the number, you can increment it and write it back at
      the same place.

      hth /urs

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