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14016Re: [peditors] Re: backSlash in Japan

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  • Paul Nevai
    Oct 2, 2001
      Dear Adachi: [this is your "first" name, right?]

      # I don't use Unix, but quick search on Tex on-line tutorial in
      # Japanese site shows it is indeed "yen" symbol that is used.
      # for example.
      # \begin{verbatim}
      # #$%^&*()
      # (^^;)
      # \end{verbatim}
      # Of course, you are now completely confused.

      Not at all. I understood you 100%.

      # In my browser or any japanese text enabled viewer, symbols
      # before "begin" and "end" are in fact 'yen' symbol. I suspect that
      # you are actually seeing 'backslash' because in your original quote, a
      # symbol in "[this symbol]" [backslash] is indeed "yen" symbol on my
      # screen. Sorry for poor explanation. I believe the point is that ascii

      No, no, no, your explanation is 100% perfect. Many many thanks. It will
      help me a lot when I do regular expressions. Best regards, Paul

      P.S. As in Japanese, in Hungarian too: last_name first_name.
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