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14014Re: backSlash in Japan

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  • adachim@mediaone.net
    Oct 1 7:09 PM
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      --- In peditors@y..., Paul Nevai <nevai@m...> wrote:
      > Dear Japanese peditor guys [if any]:
      > If you use regular expressions or TeX and such, then what do you
      use instead
      > of "\" [backSlash]? Do you simply use "yen" which is the same as
      backSlash or
      > some other symbol? Thanks! Best regards, Paul

      I don't use Unix, but quick search on Tex on-line tutorial in
      Japanese site shows it is indeed "yen" symbol that is used.
      for example.


      Of course, you are now completely confused.

      In my browser or any japanese text enabled viewer, symbols
      before "begin" and "end" are in fact 'yen' symbol. I suspect that
      you are actually seeing 'backslash' because in your original quote, a
      symbol in "[this symbol]" [backslash] is indeed "yen" symbol on my
      screen. Sorry for poor explanation. I believe the point is that ascii
      character x5c (or whatever that was, I don't have ascii table handy)
      that is assigned to backslash is assigned to "yen" symbol in Japanese
      ascii set. I don't know the history behind it, (so, let's blame
      Microsoft) it was always a case in DOS-PCs. In Japanese DOS prompt,
      path delimiter is "yen" symbol, not backslash symbol, etc.,
      Therefore, to me, it was refreshining to see both yen and backslash
      in Palm devices indeed.

      Masaki Adachi
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