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13329Re: [peditors] Natural style of numbering for custButtons?

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  • Niklas Gidion
    Sep 1, 2001
      * Henkjan Korpel <hjkorpel@...> [010901 12:08]:
      [ ... finding a way for a one-tap/stroke to customButtons ... ]
      > My solution of using FStamp suits me fine (but see the remark at the
      > bottom), but there still seems to be some possibilities to use slides: from
      > the silkscreen app button down to the menu button, from calc to find, you
      > could even do it in a horizontal fashion - of course only if possible:
      > apps-, menu button to the right, calc-, find button to the left.

      But pleasepleaseplease do NOT hardcode such strokes into LTH!
      There are other apps already using them (McPhling) or even giving
      you the possibility to set them up with your configuration of
      apps to start (FastApp - good one IMHO!).
      IF such strokes should be implemented into LTH, please give
      the users the possibility to turn them off (perhaps each stroke
      for itself - like FastApp does).
      I mean Paul could implement the whole functionality of FastApp
      (and even McPhling?) into LTH :-) that would be nice too
      and he is almost certainly able to do that.

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