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11980Re: [peditors] Latest version problem using FitalyStamp

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  • Paul Nevai
    Aug 1, 2001
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      Dear Norman:

      # I am having problem using LTH and FitalyStamp. If I call up the LTH
      # ESC form over top of memopad, the screen is garbled. The steps to
      # reproduce are the following using FitalyStamp:
      # 1) Tap on "`" on the FitalyStamp. This brings up the virtual tap pad.
      # 2) Next, rather than tapping the virtual (onscreen) "`", I tap the
      # right <space> which is identical to tapping the "`" on the virtual
      # keypad.
      # 3) At this point, LTH ESC form is launched, but now there is a big
      # hole in the area where the FitalyStamp virtual keyboard once appeared.

      Did you read in the LTH manual about FitalyStamp? Please do. Search for every
      occurrence of the word Fitaly. If you still have the problem, then it is time
      for you to notify FitalyStamp. I don't think [in fact, I know] that this hole
      is LTH's fault. Best regards, Paul
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