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11979Latest version problem using FitalyStamp

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  • sjpanther01@hotmail.com
    Aug 1, 2001

      I am having problem using LTH and FitalyStamp. If I call up the LTH
      ESC form over top of memopad, the screen is garbled. The steps to
      reproduce are the following using FitalyStamp:

      1) Tap on "`" on the FitalyStamp. This brings up the virtual tap pad.
      2) Next, rather than tapping the virtual (onscreen) "`", I tap the
      right <space> which is identical to tapping the "`" on the virtual
      3) At this point, LTH ESC form is launched, but now there is a big
      hole in the area where the FitalyStamp virtual keyboard once appeared.

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