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Re: The electronics fiasco

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  • natalie.peters28
    A car battery...what an interesting idea! I m getting overwhelmed trying to bring together rural and modern. On one hand I d rather not worry about
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 12, 2010
      A car battery...what an interesting idea! I'm getting overwhelmed trying to bring together rural and modern. On one hand I'd rather not worry about internet/phones/electronics and figure it out as I go, but on the other hand it seems that electronics may be important for our placement, especially as a secondary school teacher. I did recently purchase a cheap AA/AAA solar battery charger and rechargeable batteries, but I haven't thought about how to charge my laptop or cell phone. Do you all think it will be important to use these on a regular basis? I'd honestly prefer to be incommunicado and just be where I am in every way but I don't want to be irresponsible about it. Is anyone bringing a sleeping bag??

      --- In peacecorps_uganda@yahoogroups.com, Devon Murphy <devon.patrick.murphy@...> wrote:
      > I am bringing a small netbook (Asus EeePc) with me, but I'll be relying on
      > internet cafe's or cell phone internet hookups to send messages. To power
      > the laptop, I have the Solaris 26W solar panels, and now I am looking for
      > the cables to make sure that I can charge my batteries (AA, AAA and
      > Laptop). I spoke to a lady who volunteered in the Dominican Republic some
      > years ago, and she said that the best way to charge electronics is to charge
      > a car battery and then use an inverter to plug all your components into. So
      > now, I'm looking for the inverter and a charge controller so I don't fry the
      > batteries. The list goes on!
      > I'm trying to apply the ultralight backing philosophy to this trip, but I'm
      > having trouble doing so with all the small additions here and there. Anyone
      > else struggling with the "do I really need this?" vs. "I better have this
      > because it's better safe than sorry" self-talk? What are you bringing for
      > books, teaching aids, etc? I'm trying to keep as much of the literature in
      > e-book format as possible, and I am hoping banking on the training covering
      > how to teach with limited resources.
      > On another note, has anyone heard of backpack slashing? I've had a few
      > people tell me about people walking up behind you outside airports and
      > during travel, going surgical on your backpacks base and running off with
      > whatever treasures fall out. I've heard the same things can happen while
      > your bags are being moved by baggage handlers from plane to plane.I haven't
      > heard a lot about avoiding this, except to pack the expensive stuff with the
      > carry ons and try to make your bag look less enticing (I've thought about
      > wrapping mine in burlap for the trip).
      > Take care,
      > Devon
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