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Ms Metha's Fall Classes

Ms Metha is willing to teach two classes in the Fall. Intro to Chem and Chem. Please let me know if you're interested in these classes. Here is her message:
Heather Yanta
Mar 16

Please reply

Please send in your Letter of Intention to return to co-op in the Fall. I would like all letters in by April 30. (Just reply to this email & state whether or
Heather Yanta
Mar 16

No co-op tomorrow

Please remember that there is no co-op tomorrow. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone
Heather Yanta
Mar 8

NOAA training

Free training - coming to our area. Check it out! http://www.srh.weather.gov/ewx/skywarn/ Sent from my iPhone
Heather Yanta
Mar 2

Please listen

... K-LOVE radio did an interview of HANK (Debbie and John Southwell), and it will be aired this Sunday evening on 91.3 KZLV FM at 7:30 pm, and on 97.7 Air1
Heather Yanta
Feb 19

Fwd: FEAST 25th Home School Convention

... REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! FEAST has an exciting convention planned for your family this summer! Not only will there be a great selection of home school
Heather Yanta
Feb 18

Horsemanship Camp

Horsemanship Camp - Spring break. Offering two different weeks and two different times. March 9, 10, & 11th and March 16, 17 & 18th. 9am to 12pm OR 4pm to
Feb 17

Re: Class proposals for the Fall

Latin  - Covers root words onlyIntro to Herbalism - 8 lessons on different herbs and their traditional uses Amy M. EdgeRed Rock Farm Latin - Covers root
Amy Edge
Feb 13

Class proposals for the Fall

Here are a couple ideas for next semester: 1. Human physiology: we are covering anatomy this semester but physiology would cover how these systems work
Heather Yanta
Feb 10

Co- op reminders

1) Please bring your paper towels and toilet paper if you haven't already. 2) Please start collecting food items to donate to the food pantry. (It is important
Heather Yanta
Feb 10

Announcements for co-op Monday

It's time! Co-op begins Monday at 9:30 with chapel. Can't wait to see everyone! Here are a few announcements: 1) Please bring two rolls of paper towels and a
Heather Yanta
Feb 5

Rhode Island Red roosters

Anyone interested in 3 month old Rhode Island Red roosters? I have a friend with about 10 of them that she needs to get rid of. Please let me know if soon
Heather Yanta
Feb 3

Devine Little League sign ups

Devinelittleleague.org Sign ups starting soon. Sent from my iPhone
Heather Yanta
Feb 3


We need a PE class for 3rd hour for the K-3rd graders. Please let me know if you can help with this! Thanks, Heather Sent from my iPhone
Heather Yanta
Jan 25

Math Puzzles description

Logic problems, Sudoku, Brain Teasers, and Tangrams are some of the types of puzzles that will be used in MATH PUZZLE class. Puzzles can help develop thinking
Heather Yanta
Jan 21
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