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Pisces Party Sunday March 7th, 7pm!

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  • Erin Pasco
    Hello friends!  We re having a Pisces party this Sunday, the 7th at the Mississippi Pizza pub at 7pm! We re celebrating the birthdays of Erin (Mar. 5th),
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2004
      Hello friends!� We're having a Pisces party this Sunday, the 7th at the
      Mississippi Pizza pub at 7pm! We're celebrating the birthdays of Erin (Mar.
      5th), Charisse (Mar. 8th), and all of you other Pisces beauties!� There will
      be live acoustic performances as well as a couple of sets from Vagabound
      Opera.� There will be space for dancin', eatin', and drinkin'.�Wear fun
      costumey clothes!� Also, we will be having an after-party at the farm at
      10:30 p.m.� More info about the after party
      below.� If any of you are interested in playing music or djing at the after
      party please let me know asap.� We would really like to have some dj's and
      more fire-dancers!� And more fish of course :)

      So, directions to the farm:

      From Portland, take either Barbur Blvd or I-5 South to Terwilliger
      st. and
      follow the signs to Lewis and Clark College.� If you're coming from
      freeway, you'll stay right and turn right on Terwilliger.� If you're
      from Barbur Blvd, you'll turn left on Terwilliger.�� Continue
      straight for
      about 3 miles, past the market of choice, and after you pass
      riverdale H.S.
      on your right, the road will Y.� Veer to the right at the Y, which
      will take
      you onto Boonesferry rd.� Follow Boonesferry for another 2 miles or
      so, and
      watch for the glowing lamp post on your left.� Park near the lamp
      post in
      the Tryon creek parking lot, or across the street on Coranodo st.
      will be tricky, please carpool as much as possible with other folks.
      you've settled your vehicle, walk down the driveway and the house is
      first on your left.� It should be marked clearly with glowing things.

      Bring something for the snackluck like cookies or other munchers!
      sleeping bags and pillows if you want to spend the night.� Also, if
      you want
      to play music, bring your instruments for makin' muse.� :)� Let's all
      swimming fishkies together and create a school of magic fishy wishy
      dancin' lovin' gettin our groovin movin'!
      There will be a donation jar for the use of this space, all proceeds
      will go
      to save the farm!� Thank you so very much!

      I love you all!


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