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auditioning for Cirque: the finale...

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  • Celtdancer
    Hi everybody- So, I went back and auditioned again. It was modern dance and ballet day. Whew! Talk about potential for intimidation... a swarm of dancers
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2006
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      Hi everybody-
      So, I went back and auditioned again. It was modern dance and ballet day. Whew! Talk about potential for intimidation... a swarm of dancers waiting outside the theatre doors, all dressed in traditional ballet-like dance clothing and ballet shoes and point shoes, stretching their legs over their heads no problem. We were taken inside in groups of 25. When it was time to go in and actually audition, we went right up onto the stage and were taught a brief choreography very quickly. (*The stage is made of metal - ugh!) Only got about 4 times to learn it, following the dance audition leader. Then we had to all do it, in groups of 4, up on the stage. I noticed that not only were the same Casting people there from the day before (3 of them), but Guy LaLiberte had apparently flown in for today's rounds of auditioning. He is the owner/ creator of Cirque. Holy moley! I'm in the same room as Guy! (pronounced Gee in french, like the clarified butter). Anyway, I did the little choreography along with everybody else, and that was it. Done. It took all of about 12 seconds. I was not in the 'cut'.  So my (second) audition for Cirque du Soleil was now officially over. I left the theatre along with the others, and sat on a bench not knowing what to do or how to feel, for quite a while.
      Oh well...I sure did try! Now it's time to make a video and send it to Montreal. I don't want to give this up. I might fly back sooner than late-night Friday, because Vegas is only fun if you have a lot of money. (I can hardly afford to even eat here, let alone go see any good shows!). I'm going to see the Cirque show "O" on Thursday night, which I am looking forward to; it's their famous show with a swimming pool for a stage, and lots of high diving and weird swimming/water-based tricks and acrobatics. I'm sure it will be worth the $100 ticket, which I've already paid for so what the hell, right?!
      Even if only for a minute or a few seconds, at least I got to dance on the stage of some pretty amazing theatres..the theatre where "Mystere" takes place week after week, inside Treasure Island casino, and then again on the Zumanity stage inside the NYNY. I met some cool people while auditioning...a hoop dancer / teacher from North Carolina who goes by the name of Spiral... a fiesty blond body-building woman from LA who is 40 and was auditioning just to see if she could do it "again" since she had her second child 5 months ago (she did a samba dance in a little sequined bikini with beads hanging from it-very sexy!).. a bunch of Brazilians who were wild and crazy and who spoke in rapid Portuguese to each other.. a ballet dancer named Daisy who has auditioned 3 times already for Cirque, and even made it once to the final 6 in her group (but didn't get in) and who has been living in Vegas for 4 years solely because of her desire to get into Cirque du Soleil. All in all, a good experience, but heartbreaking, none the less. I really thought I was moving to Montreal right away!
      Thanks for reading my emails, everybody, and thanks *so* much for all your prayers and support! I did not feel like I was alone here.
      xo tina.

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