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Fw: CI at Burning Man, August 28- Sep 4

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  • Jiro Isetani
    I forward. love, jiro ... From: Burning Man Contact Improv Sent: Thursday, June 02, 2005 12:04 PM Subject: CI at Burning Man, August 28-
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      I forward. love, jiro
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      From: "Burning Man Contact Improv" <ci_bman@...>
      Sent: Thursday, June 02, 2005 12:04 PM
      Subject: CI at Burning Man, August 28- Sep 4

      > Burning Man Contact Improvisation camp
      > Plans are underway this year for a camp based around
      > contact improvisation at the Burning Man Festival in
      > the Black Rock dessert in Nevada, USA
      > Dates - August 29-September 4
      > The Burning Man Festival is an annual gathering where
      > for a week, we let go of money economy and just give
      > of ourselves and our art. Last year, some 40,000
      > people gathered to make a small city of creative
      > giving. visual art, dance, music, performance, events,
      > discussion, chance meetings, spontaneous ritual,
      > lightness and depth, silliness and meaning. check out
      > the web site for details
      > www.burningman.com
      > There has for many years been a contact improvisation
      > presence at burning man, with a daily jam at Center
      > Camp. When classes have been offered, the reception
      > has been fantastic! This year, we plan on organizing
      > a camp to share the practice more actively, with open
      > daily classes and jams, and focused labs for more
      > experienced contacters. a mini-festival of contact in
      > the wild atmosphere of burning man.
      > If you are interested in participating or being a part
      > of the camp or for more details, goto the evolving web
      > page at
      > www.toishou.org/burningcontact.html
      > or write to Claudia at ci_bman@... -- (Claudia
      > Anfuso is currently our electronic coordination
      > queen.)
      > peace
      > Burning Man CI crew
      > As of May 30, Burning Man CI camp crew is Anna
      > Landauer (US), Claudia Anfuso(Italy/US), Daniel
      > Ayers(Canada), Hailie Aldrich(US), Isabelle
      > Kyrouac(Canada), Karl Frost(US), Kay Ceredwin
      > Bachman(US), Laurel Levasheff(US), Louise Woollen(US),
      > Michelle Arvin(US), Naomi Claire(UK), Pepper
      > Yelton(US), Rick Milligan(Canada), Samantha Beers(US),
      > Satya Curcio(US) for sure, plus a score of others in
      > the loop from around the globe. maybe you too?
      > PS please feel free to pass this on to any who you
      > think have interest.
      > ---------------------------------------------------
      > Some details..
      > Vision for Burning Man Contact Improv .
      > For most, the vision of contact that we bring will be
      > obvious, but for clarity's sake, we really want to
      > focus on contact as physical investigation and art
      > form, as opposed to simple free movement space.
      > Celebrating it as an open space of exploration, but
      > also holding space for the specificity of its
      > reference point in the studies and play of the physics
      > of bodies moving through weight and contact.
      > We will have something in the calender of Burning Man
      > describing contact, which will read something like the
      > following.
      > "Contact Improvisation is a body-based art, a physical
      > investigation of the possibilities of bodies moving
      > through contact. weight, structure, momentum, balance
      > and off-balance, falling, touch, forces, physics,
      > skin, muscle, and bone are our starting places, and
      > from there our curiosities takes us where they will.
      > We experiment, observe, take risks, play. While the
      > investigation can move to many different places it has
      > a reference point in awareness of physics in motion,
      > bodies in contact, and delight in the unknown. As a
      > practice, Contact is flexible, taking on whatever
      > forms the curiosity of the practitioners discover
      > together. athletic and wild or quiet and meditative.
      > The pleasure of contact comes of this active
      > investigation." (feedback on the description
      > appreciated.)
      > If you want to help make this vision happen, get in
      > touch. The extent to which this will happen depends
      > on people getting involved and making it happen. The
      > space we create will be a collaboration based on this
      > shared vision.
      > We are looking for people to join the crew who 1)
      > want to help make the project happen through camp set
      > up/breakdown, and event assistance whether you live at
      > the camp or not. 2) are interested in being part
      > of the living experiment of the camp
      > as well as wanting people to simply participate in
      > events. In other words, looking for people to
      > participate in the co-creation of the event, whether
      > living at CI Camp or elsewhere on the Playa.
      > The Camp
      > We are aiming for a camp of about 40 -50 people.
      > We'll have two or three public spaces. one or two work
      > spaces and a smaller chill-out space for tea and
      > conviviality. These will be domes/circus tents with
      > carpets and pillows. We will also have a camp kitchen
      > and shower and a basic food/water supply. We are
      > hoping to be located in a quieter zone, ideally near
      > Hushville and Heebeegeebee.
      > For camping with us, we are looking for people who are
      > willing to work as part of a team to make camp happen,
      > but who also are happy with autonomy. we'll probably
      > have one or two camp meetings during the week, but
      > outside of that, we aim to create a space that
      > supports all of our explorations and independence,
      > rather than create a binding schedule. people will be
      > encouraged to collaborate on meals, but there won't be
      > a specific schedule to adhere to. There will be basic
      > food stock provided, but people are encouraged to
      > supplement that with the things they desire to bring
      > and share. While we will each commit to being there
      > for a few of the classes/jams to make them happen, we
      > are not expected by any means to be there for all of
      > them.
      > Events
      > The main things as a camp that we will be
      > collaborating on creating are.
      > Daily classes in contact (ideally 2 per day). A few
      > scheduled open jams, both silent and with dj'd sonic
      > atmosphere An open space for contact improvisation
      > when things aren't scheduled A daily Jam at Center
      > camp
      > Also if there is energy and space for it, people will
      > be encouraged to create and collaborate on ci related
      > events like
      > Closed labs for those with experience Performances
      > (Axolotl, Karl Frost's blind-fold participatory
      > performance event will be one such event) CI related
      > classes/labs
      > Teaching.
      > If you are an experienced teacher of contact and would
      > like to offer a class, get in touch, and let's talk
      > about it. Open classes will primarily focus on basic
      > skills for beginners that give people some ins into
      > jamming. 'which route in is up to the teacher.
      > Being There .
      > If you would like to help make events happen, we are
      > looking for people to sign up and commit to being
      > there for specific jams and classes. We want to make
      > a welcoming space for newcomers, so we hope to have
      > people with a bit of experience both inviting people
      > in to participate and also just doing it and being in
      > their investigation so that people get a feel for what
      > possibilities there are. With that in mind, we look
      > to have some people committed to be there for each jam
      > to "hold the space" and for classes to help explain to
      > people what is going on and to assist. Help
      > We are looking for lots of kinds of help . physical
      > help setting up structures and cleaning up camp
      > afterwards, material help with structures (large
      > tents/domes for work spaces, carpets and wood for
      > floor, propane space heaters, or anything you think
      > might help make such a camp work), and of course
      > financial help in getting the structures together). If
      > you have other ways you could offer something that
      > haven't been named, again, feel free to write.
      > Peace
      > The Burning Man CI Camp team CI_bman@...
      > PS Deadlines - if you come to burning man, we would be
      > delighted by your spontaneous participation. If you
      > want to make it happen though, we need to know
      > earlier. How big and well it happens depends on how
      > many put energy into it. Some relevant deadlines.
      > We need to have our camp map to the burning man
      > organizers by the end of June and events list for the
      > calender by mid July. We hope to have our camp 80%
      > set by then, and our open class/jam/event schedule 90%
      > set by then, so if you want to be involved in making
      > it happen, best to be in dialogue with us by late
      > June.
      > P2S Even if you are not planning on coming to Burning
      > Man, if you want to help make it happen, that would be
      > delightful. We are looking for useful things to make
      > camp happen, ranging from kitchen equipment to
      > tents/shelters to carpets and pillows for flooring.
      > Of course, financial donations to help spread the
      > gospel also appreciated. Anything you think might
      > help, feel free to contact us.
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