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This week's Saturday C.I. Jam's location

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  • Carolyn Stuart
    Hi all, A reminder that this week s Saturday C.I. Jam will meet in Oregon City to be a part of Danelle s Bday celebration- Danelle Benstead Till So here is
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      Hi all,
      A reminder that this week's Saturday C.I. Jam will meet in Oregon City to be a part of Danelle's Bday celebration-
      So here is your friendly reminder that the Saturday jam is moving NEXT Saturday, Aug 3rd, to Oregon City as part of my birthday festival. Please feel free to join any part of the day that would delight you (or would scare, intrigue or possibly not delight you). Here are all the details:

      Beginning of My 50th Year Birthday Festival

      Where: Alliance Charter Academy Gym, 16075 Front Ave, Oregon City, OR 97045
      When: Saturday, Aug 3rd, schedule below

      Yep I'm turning 49 on Aug 3rd and turning a corner in my life, so it is time to celebrate with practices, experiences and people that I love. So here's the intended schedule (subject to change, as all of life is, of course) :
      9-11am Contemplative Movement Practice (based on Barbara Dilley's CDP)
      11am- 12ish Theatre and Deep Play excercises - yay!
      12ish - 12:45 Lunch and free time to share - a song, a musical offering, a poem, an embarrassing or poignant story about Danelle, etc.
      12:45-3pm Singing performances, circle singing, indoor/outdoor kite flying, cooperative games, Monster Monologue, and perhaps some other surprises - time to follow our whim here, yay again!
      3-4 pm Kaleidoscope Yoga with Jarmila Darby
      4-7 pm Contact Improv Jam with Carolyn and Patrick and dinner
      7-9 pm In-Body - Ecstatic Dance with Anna Dale

      Also, I am hoping to have some of the art work of my friends on display - artists to be determined, besides me of course

      Please bring your playful nature, a friend if you'd like, and a potluck item to share (Oh do I love Portland Potlucks). Come when you can, leave when you need to, come back later if you're drawn to. No presents, but if you'd like to contribute a few bucks to the costs of the party, express financial gratitude to the contributors or buy a piece of art, please feel free.

      Be well,

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