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Fw: Contact Exchange @ Breitenbush Hot Springs 1/10-15

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  • Carolyn Stuart
    Hello out there We hope you ll join us January 10-15, 2010 for the 3rd annual winter Contact Improvisation Exchange @ Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2009

      Hello out there>>>>>

      We hope you'll join us January 10-15, 2010
      for the 3rd annual winter Contact Improvisation Exchange
      @ Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat Center

      It's about 4 months out now, after the holiday hubbub.
      Gift yourself this time to relax, renew, reset for the new year by immersing in the nourishing and playful adventure of contact improvising.
      Yes, it is a journey to get there in January (rides available from Portland)- but oh so worth the effort for the experience of being held by the warmth, quiet and beauty of the Breitenbush winter wonderland!

      Patrick and I are discovering the possibilities in C.I. for over twenty years. We come together this one week a year to research with others in the form. The group is kept small to promote an intimate and inclusive environment for inquiry and investigation.

      We'll be 25 maximum, so registering early is a good idea. To register you must telephone Breitenbush and make a deposit of the lodging fees.

      REG: Breitenbush 503.854.3320
      COST: $110 Sun-Fri (5 nights), $85 Sun to Wed (3 nights), $75 Wed to Fri (2 nights)

      plus the lodging fee.

      DEPOSIT: cost of lodging


      BEGINS: Sun dinner     ENDS: Fri lunch

      and get ahold of me if you have questions about the content of the event-

      INFO: Carolyn 503.282.2938 or touchmonk@...


      January 10 - 15 Carolyn Stuart & Patrick Gracewood
      Contact Improvisation Exchange with TouchMonkey

      Contact Improvisation is a dance form that invites us to explore movement while in physical contact. It is based in personal responsibility as a means to mutual well-being. Carolyn and Patrick call their thread of inquiry in the form the TouchMonkey perspective. They offer this deep wintertime to share their process of investigation and support others in claiming theirs.

      Come immerse in the art of contact and improvisation. Contact is belonging. With improvisation we practice being. Learn to let the dance of knowing and awareness guide your experience. This event will expand your ability to use touch and play to thrive. All levels of experience welcome and appreciated!  Come as you are and begin from there, each moment.

      Carolyn Stuart and Patrick Gracewood have been researching Contact Improvisation for over 20 years, logging hundreds of projects along the way. The process of inquiry and discovery never ceases to inspire and delight them. They are excited to facilitate and participate in this laboratory, an opportunity to settle into a lively investigation of how the dance of contact is co-created, moment-by-moment. Currently they offer C.I. events at Gracewood Studio in Portland, OR.

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