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2045Early discount for the WOW of CONTACT 2014 until 12/13

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  • Carolyn Stuart
    Dec 11, 2013
    Contact Improvisation is an intimate form.
    Co-creation through touch and movement requires becoming intimate with what is available and needed in the moment.

    How do you engage the intimacy necessary to explore interdependence?
    Where do you give permission to yourself, to your partner?
    How do you receive and allow yourself to be received?
    How do you declare boundaries, perceive boundaries?
    How do care for yourself? How do you care for your partner?

    These are essential questions to ask for our health and well-being, on and off the dance floor!
    And dancing is a great way to answer them!!
    Begin a new year by giving yourself the gift of immersing in them for 5 days in the arms of Breitenbush Hot Springs at the WOW of CONTACT 2014 January 12-17

    We'd LOVE for YOU to join us in the ever expanding investigation of making contact and improvising! 
    Early discount ends 12/13 so register today by calling 503-854-3320