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7/8 TeamPlay: Your Vision, Longing to Fulfillment

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  • Bart Church
    TEAM-PLAY: Collaborating to Manifest Your Visions 7/8, Saturday, 6:30-10:30 pm Our real life is so often the life one does not lead. -- Oscar Wilde What is
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      TEAM-PLAY: Collaborating to Manifest Your Visions
      7/8, Saturday, 6:30-10:30 pm

      "Our real life is so often the life one does not lead."
      -- Oscar Wilde

      What is your creative vision - can you really feel it? Even if you are in
      touch with your passions, do you have the support you need to live your

      Many of us have been trying for years to think our way into clarity about
      what really excites us. If this worked, we would all long since discovered
      what we really want out of our careers and our lifestyles. Perhaps the
      secret to discovering our greatest passions lies in our bodies and hearts,
      unlocked by teamplay...

      In this Playshop we'll learn the art of Team-Play (as opposed to teamwork).
      We'll brainstorm our visions of new ways of getting our needs met, and we'll
      team up with other men with similar visions to create playful experiments
      that move you towards your visions.

      Summer is a great time to expand your visions of the kinds of fun,
      relationships, work, and wellness you really want. It's also a great time to
      invite others to playfully collaborate with you in clarifying, expressing,
      and manifesting your visions. In most cultures throughout history men have
      met their needs in teams and tribes, and we can rediscover the fun and power
      of team-play.

      "If you dream alone, it's just a dream. If you dream together, it's
      -- Brazilian proverb

      - Carolyn Campbell, MFA in theater, CPPC, a consultant who for 20 years has
      helped creative people clarify their passions & visions and create a dynamic
      team to practically manifest those visions. See her website at:
      - Paul Fukui, who is coordinating the development of Q-LAND's wellness
      coaching program, has coached numerous outstanding teams in for-profit and
      non-profit organizations, and who is an artist AND financial wizard.
      - Alejandro Cantu, who is a long-time teacher, coach, and facilitator of
      life-long learning.
      - Bart Church, a Zen-Shiatsu Practitioner & yoga teacher who has been
      helping men discover and manifest their deepest gifts for more than 20

      INFO: Bill at 503-223-8822 teamplay@...
      RSVP: www.lovetribe.org/menspirit
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