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My informal Survey

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  • Harold Phillips
    Hey folks Thus far only about 30 people have responded to the little survey I m conducting... if you haven t responded, please take a moment and send the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2006
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      Hey folks
      Thus far only about 30 people have responded to the little survey I'm conducting... if you haven't responded, please take a moment and send the following information only to me:
      Name (Kept private):
      Union Membership(s):
      PATA Membership:
      Other Professional Associations:
      It's ok if your response is "None of the above -"  That's valuable data too.  I'm just trying to get a sense of the union status and association memberships of the 614 members of PDXBackstage (I said 621 in my previous email, but that was dyslexic typing - there were actually 612 members when I sent my first call for responses).
      The responses I've gotten thus far have been very enlightening... we actually have more SAG, AFTRA and Equity members on the list than I had previously thought. It's also been very educational to see some of the other associations people are members of.  Aside from the unions and PATA, we've got people on this list who are members of VASTA (the Voice & Speech Trainers Association), TCG (Theatre Communications Group), NET (The Network of Ensemble Theatres), SSDC (Society of Stage Directors & Choreographers), AGMA (American Guild of Musical Artists), SAFD (The Society of American Fight Directors), STAA (The Shakespeare Theatre Association of America), The AAP (Association for Asian Performance), and more.  After all is said and done, we may have to have a little "Professional Association Career Fair" so we can find out more about these organizations :)
      Please do take a moment to send me your information by Friday.  I'll spend the weekend tabulating numbers and send the results back to the group.
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