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  • Marcus
    Casting Men and Women ages 21 to 45 for the world premier of a new show with environmental/social themes and a rockin score. Strong singers with good
    Message 1 of 32 , Oct 1, 2008
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      Casting Men and Women ages 21 to 45 for the world premier of a new show with
      environmental/social themes and a rockin' score.

      Strong singers with good musicianship skills are encouraged to audition. Dance and acting
      ability are a definite bonus.

      Performances begin the first of January with rehearsals commencing right away.

      Please send a brief email to the above address with a little about yourself and contact info.
      Auditions take place over the next two weeks.
    • jillwesterby2002
      AUDITION NOTICE Who: The Hearth Collective (Megan Kate Ward, Courtney Freed and Jill Westerby – www.thehearthcollective.com
      Message 32 of 32 , May 22, 2015
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        Who: The Hearth Collective (Megan Kate Ward, Courtney Freed and Jill Westerby – www.thehearthcollective.com ) hosted by Portland Center Stage

        What: 3 Staged Readings of plays from The Kilroys List (http://www.thekilroys.org/about-the-list/) Performances will take place Sunday, July 12 in the Ellen Bye Studio at Portland Center Stage at 12:00pm, 4:00 pm and 8:00pm

        When: Auditions are from 10:00am-1:00pm on Saturday, May 30th and 10:00am – 1:00pm Sunday, May 31st.

        Where: TBD

         Pay: A stipend will be provided

        The time commitment will be one rehearsal (time TBD), one hour tech/ put-in the day of the performance, and the performance.

        Please contact us at thehearthcollective@... with a headshot and resume if you would like to schedule an audition. Please indicate if you would like to read for a specific role and which day is preferred.


        THE OREGON TRAIL by Bekah Brunstetter, Directed by Megan Kate Ward

        Present time

        Jane, an angsty, contemporary young lady, prone to sadness

        Mary Anne, her slightly OCD sister, a violinist

        Billy, the hottest pre-pubescent guy in school


        Then Jane, a young girl traversing the country with her family, via the Oregon Trail

        Mary Anne, her seemingly perfect sister (played by contemporary Mary Anne)

        Clancy, their father

        Little Basket, a young Shoshone girl (also plays Jessi)

        The Omnipotent Voice of the Oregon Trail


        I ENTER THE VALLEY by Dipika Guha, Directed by Olga Sanchez

        Augusto Real – mid seventies, has a hulking frame, sometimes clownish looking. Looks like he always has dirt underneath his fingernails, might be mistaken for a farmer, has a huge presence and a way of appearing abruptly and yet seeming like he’s always been there.

        Magdalena – Late sixties, long haired, graceful, interminably calm, light on her feet.

        Beatriz – Mid forties, deeply common-sensical, generous figure

        Zuleiya – eighteen, waifish, young, theatrical, a lost soul

        Henna- mid seventies, glamourous, wordly

        Luis – mid-twenties, is consistently either melancholic or in ecstasy, the temperament of a creative soul who has yet to create.


        BLISS (OR EMILY POST IS DEAD!) Directed by Jill Westerby


        Character Breakdown (a total of 5 actors are needed):


        Clementine (Clytemnestra): White, mid 30s, sarcastic, sees beyond

        the shiny veneer and is therefore unhappy. She's holds a grudge

        against her husband, an acquirer of businesses, for several

        reasons. She is currently in love with her doctor who supplies her

        amphetamines. Pill popper. – PRECAST


        Maddy (Medea): Part Hawaiian, part white, early 30s, an overly

        happy, June Clever type who loves the latest kitchen gadgets and

        Emily Post. Therefore, she is easily swayed to the dark side when

        she uncovers the truth about her husband's infidelity. Because

        she's part Hawaiian, she tries to mask it with looking as

        “American” as possible. Pill popper and former ukulele player in a

        family band.


        Antonia (Antigone): White, 17, is beholden to her Uncle and

        sheltered from life. She is full of youthful passion, but she

        doesn't know how to channel this passion...yet. She's in love

        with a black boy named Gil.


        Cassandra (Cassandra): Black, early 20s, seer of past, present and

        future, and a typist. Clementine's husband acquired the business

        Cassandra worked for and she was transferred to his place of

        business. She is trying to break this curse laid on her by

        Apollo. She is desperate to convince the women they can change

        the course of their lives. She does not smile.


        * Apollo: Ageless and beautiful. God of many things. He's cocksure

        to the nth degree, but he's having trouble sleeping.


        * Doctor Smith: White, mid 30s. A widower and who is in love with

        Clementine and supplies her pills.

        * Jason's Voice

        * Uncle's Voice and Image

        * NOTE: One male actor will play the parts of both Apollo and

        Doctor Smith, Jason and Uncle's Voices and Uncle's Image.

        Location and Time:

        North Orange, NJ. September, 1960.

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