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35872OT: selling my VW Cabrio convertible

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  • Sandra de Helen
    Apr 7, 2014
      I bought this last year from its only previous owner, a personal friend. It has been lovingly cared for its entire life. I’ve had it 12 months and put 4,000 miles on it. Total mileage is less than 96,000, and it’s a 2001 model.

      Tons of fun to drive around with the top down, but fun even with the top up.

      I took it to DEQ last week, and it didn’t pass. (Check Engine light was on.) So today it went to Precision Motors and it’s all set to pass DEQ, plus I had the strut replaced that automatically holds up the hood. (It didn’t work when I got it.)

      Here are the two things wrong with it: The driver’s side window doesn’t go up and down, and it has a dent in the back end, which was there when I bought it. I believe the window will work if someone takes off the door and cleans and oils the window motor. (I could be wrong. It might need a new window motor.)

      It has a 5-speed manual transmission that was replaced a couple of years ago. It’s air conditioned. It has cruise control. It has a multi CD player and radio.

      The top is easy to put up and down (I do it by myself).

      Oh, and I put new tires on it, so they’re less than a year old, with less than 4,000 miles on them (probably 2,000).

      The true bonus of this car is it has a driver’s side gas tank fill up. I never have to wait on line for gas! ha. Gets decent gas mileage too.

      My plan is to go to DEQ tomorrow. But it occurred to me that the new owner will also have to pass DEQ and re-register the car. So if I sold the car tomorrow, only one of us has to pay the $145 to register.

      Blue Book on this car as it is is $2270. Buy it tomorrow for 2,000 cash and I’ll pay for DEQ and registration as well.

      email me for my phone number and a time to look at it in person.

      Sandra de Helen