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35863Re: [pdxbackstage] Quality of Life at ART

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  • David Loftus
    Apr 7, 2014
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      By chance, I was sitting right next to Jenni, and I didn't even notice her condition as described below, because I was just the same.

      In the first half, "Quality of Life" as written struck me as a little schematic -- too neatly set up -- but I liked it a lot more after the intermission. Often with newer plays, I feel an imbalance between the writing and performance: good actors can make something seem better than it's written; less often, I see what I think could be a great play that was too big for the performers.

      This one hits just right on both counts: the actors are fantastic while you're watching the show, and you're left with a lot of things to think about as you head home.

      -- David Loftus

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      >Saw the dress rehearsal last night
      >I was a crying, snotty mess.
      >Go see it
      >It's wonderful!
      >Great story, great acting… I was even moved by the curtain call.
      >Seriously… SO GOOD!
      >Jenni GreenMiller
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