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Golden Packet redux

  • Bob Bruninga
    Aug 5, 2011 Expand Messages
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      PCT: Golden packet again in Sept?
      Frequency 147.585 (the Propnet Frequency)...

      Remember, every D700 should be programmed as a TEMPn-N permanent digipeater.
      The D710 comes that way from the Factory and is ENABLED. The D72 has
      TEMPn-N digipeater programmed but the default is OFF.

      The contest is 2 Pm saturday to 11 PM sunday (EDT). Wont some of our teams
      be up there anyway?

      What kind of time frame would we target? 24 hours? In that less focused
      time, maybe even I could get everything working.

      And again, we might not even be trying for the golden packet, but simply to
      solidify our locations for QRM free operation. Also we can provide TEMP7-7
      Digipeater support for all the VHF Rovers already on this 147.585 PROPNET

      I think several of our mountain top locations can be moved a bit to
      significantly reduce QRM and this wouild be a good time to test them.

      And since we are not necessarily trying for the Golden Packet Reliability,
      we would invite all other VHF QSO MOUNTAIN-TOP operations to join our
      network (20 minute HOP7-7 beacons only)

      I think I can get a kitchen pass.

      Bob, WB4APR


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