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79RE: [at-golden-packet] Golden Packet - Nuclear option?

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  • Bob Bruninga
    Jul 22, 2011
      Nuclear Option. (NOT?)

      Further testing and I CANNOT REPRODUCE the problem.
      Sending to and from D72, D700 and D710, and none of them ACK incorrectly a
      BLN1 or messages to ALL or messages to KWD. So it seems that there is no

      *** Yet, I do remember actually seeing this SOMETIMES in the last few years.
      Could this have been a bug in one version of one radio? Which radio? Which
      version? Maybe the early D710?

      We have four D710's in a row from AO mountain through GD hill.
      We have three D700's in a row from Springer to Comers Rock (Roan unknown?)
      We have a KPC-3 at Camelback
      We have two D72's in a row from Sams Point and Greylock
      Mt Washington is unknown
      We have a D7 (no digipeat on SUGRLF)
      We have a VX8R on Katahdin

      Can we nail this down? ASAP!!
      If it is a D710 problem, we need the 4 sites with D710's to test them.
      Simply send them a BLN1 and see if they TX and ack. Notice we are looking
      to see if the TRANSMIT an ACK, because just watching for a detected ACK from
      the sending test radio will probably not capture an ACK. SO do not depend
      on that. Just see if the D710 transmits ANYTHING after seeing a BLNX for
      the first time.

      Bob, WB4APR

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      Golden Packet Nuclear Option:

      It was reported that Kenwood's send an ACK, even to BULLETINS and messages
      to ALL!

      This would be the China Syndrome (Nuclear meltdown) on our 15-digipeater

      Just ONE bulletin would generate 15 * 15 ACK/dupes or 225 packet/dupes!

      I am starting testing now to confirm. But I am having cockpit problems and
      so just wanted to give a heads up to anticipate a message LATER today
      whether we will use messages AT ALL.

      If Messages are NUCLEAR, then they will not be authorized for this event.
      Toc pass your "content", you will need to edit your STATUS text and send it
      that way.

      If anyone else has 2 kenwoods and wants to test their's please do. We need
      to nail down all models and all versions. My FIRST test sending to a D72,
      does NOT appear to have this problem. But I need to bring in a D700 and
      D710 to test.

      Please turn off all digipeating and go to a clear freeq to test.

      Bob, WB4APR


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