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36Re: [pct-golden-packet] Socal sites

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  • Martin Nile
    Jul 2, 2011
      Hi Perry,

      Absolutely we need your help.  At this point, Ken and I are the only California locations committed.   Look for a site in the Southern Sierra that can reach across the valley to Mt. Toro, or Pacheco Pass.  We need a Ham from the bay area willing to drive up to Mt. Toro or Pacheco pass to link to Ken.

      We also need somebody from the Sacramento Valley to make the trek to Mt. St John (West of Willows.) to connect to Ken to the South and Me to the North.  I spoke with a radio tech for the State who has been to Mt. St. John.  He says that the last half mile of road is very rough.   We can probably make do with a site at the saddle below the last half mile.  He says the forest service has a gate at the bottom, so somebody will need to make contact to get a key.


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