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54Re: [pcrlabsindia] Ring test for PCR Labs

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  • Sudheer N.S
    Oct 15, 2007
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      Thank u for updating with the things hapening. I am sorry for delay in
      replay. I was on leave.I would like to know What is the present status of
      the PCR association.

      I have an idea, if there is an association. We can contact all PCR labs
      (including those who do- not participated in the work shop) and conduct a
      campain in all pcr labs and make all of them aware of the importance of
      the Accreditiation and ask thenm to join the process.

      As an initiative we can collect the contact details of all labs and
      contact them by e mail

      Please replay me if u all have any new ideas.

      > Hello,
      > PCR lab results or the operation of PCR labs are increasingly becoming the
      > object of criticism for the entire shrimp industry. To address this issue,
      > as you may be aware, MPEDA and CIBA are conducting a ring test for the PCR
      > labs very shortly. It's important that PCR labs participate in the ring
      > test. I'm enclosing the communication from MPEDA in this regard.
      > Since only successful labs would be made public, non participation also
      > would be interpreted by the public as failure, please ensure to send an
      > expression of interest to MPEDA/CIBA before 25th of October.
      > Best regards
      > Ramraj
      > D. Ramraj
      > Padmanabha Labs Pvt. Ltd.,
      > 2/542, 1st Floor, 1st Lane
      > Sundeep Road
      > Neelangarai
      > Chennai 600 041
      > Tel +91 44 24493806
      > Fax +91 44 24493680
      > H/P 9444024066
      > e mail: padlab@...
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