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38Re: PCR Calibration summary results

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  • Ramraj
    Jul 8, 2006
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      Dear Dr. Mohan,
      Kudos to the team of NACA/CSIRO/MPEDA/CIBA for the excellent work done on the PCR lab intercalibration. The whole process of laboratory and sample coding, distribution and finally the announcement of results (in fact it was to be on the 30th, it was ahead of scheduled date!!) were done to precision.
      I have the following suggestions,
      1.  6 out of the 10 samples given to all the labs were positive, to maintain complete anonymity on the sample type/composition the samples may be more randomised in future testing.
      2. The positive tissue samples given were seeded tissues rather than with natural infection, even though the tissues are emulsified, uniform dispersion of the target DNA is not assured, this would probably explain why some labs have not been able to detect weak positive tissue while they have done well with all other samples (poor extraction need not be the reason) . Tissues from WSSV challenged SPF animals and with a known viral load would be the ideal choice.
      Overall, a high standard has been set, this would serve as a bench mark for all such exercises in future.
      Best regards
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      From: Mohan
      Sent: Sunday, June 25, 2006 10:39 AM
      Subject: PCR Calibration summary results

      Dear Colleagues,
      PCR inter-calibration summary results along with a covering letter have been sent to all the participating labs on an individual basis today morning (25th June 2006). If you have not received the 2 documents, please contact me.
      Thanks for your support and active participation.
      PS: Some times mail from NACA goes to your bulk folders. Please check.
      kind regards
      CV Mohan
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