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  • Patrick Marshall
    Aug 26 5:54 AM
      2004-08-26 Patrick Marshall

      Attention all PCP members: Well, it looks like
      we're in a pickle. Yoiur officers and I purchased
      a hosting package from ERYXMA networks in January
      of this year, we paid for a year in advance.
      Sometime a few months ago, Jeremy Clark and I
      received a notice in our inboxes that ERYXMA was
      purchased by a company called Glexicon
      communications. Glexicon worked ok for a couple
      of months, then the site went down. Trouble
      tickets we opened went unanswered, as did emails.
      Their website is simply a Glexicon logo and no
      way to navigate in any further. In short, it
      appears as if Glexicon has taken our money
      (donated by the officers for the hosting costs)
      and ran. If you do any sort of search on Glexicon
      Communications you'll find folks all over North
      America who are faced with the same situation we
      are. At least it was a "club" website and not
      something that was generating a salary for us
      like some of these poor folks that got shafted by

      We were in the process of building a completely
      new website/evines from the ground up. A lot of
      work has been put into this project only to see
      it fail. Well, set back. If I have to purchase a
      new hosting package myself I will, but God only
      knows how long the migration to a new hosting
      company will take, or whether we'll be able to
      debut the site anytime soon. Members, I ask you
      to have patience with us. To clarify: Now that
      Phish is over, WE ARE NOT FINISHED. In fact, now
      we can concentrate on classic sources for classic
      shows instead of always worrying about the next
      tour. I wanted to make that clear in case anyone
      thought we just "packed it in" cause Phish was
      done, that is simply not the case.

      I deleted the old PCP mailing list at yahoogroups
      because I wanted to force everyone onto the new
      mail server. I waited for two months while
      monitoring list performance before I decided to
      pull the plug. Nothing was done rashly or without
      good reason in this mess, I want to make that
      clear. Your officers and I have never stopped
      striving for a better PCP, and we will continue
      to do so.

      In the interim, you may go back to
      pcp@yahoogroups.com, as I have re-created this
      list to help us during this time. Please bear
      with us. We swear, one day, it'll be worth it.

      You can sign up for the pcp yahoogroup at the
      following URL:

      Your humble servant,
      Patrick Marshall
      Director, People for a Clearer Phish

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