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24831An all call to tutor interested LST Monkeys

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  • Andrew
    Jun 18, 2014
      Hi folks,

      We need to get a good crew of monkeys pumping out books and helping with
      data improvements. My time to dedicate to the project in the future is
      uncertain due to financial issues (I hope this is a short term issue,
      but planning is always a key to success). Since PCGen is making some
      exciting headway in breaking new ground I feel it's time I mentor a few
      people who are dedicated to making stellar books supported by pcgen.

      If you've ever wanted to make your own materials, but felt the learning
      curve was a bit much, but thought "if I could learn under an experienced
      data chimp, then I could do this too!" now is the time. I've been
      working with LST files for over 10 years now, I'm willing to share
      techniques, power user mentality, thought processes and anything else I
      can invest into you. All I ask in return, you'll dedicate at least 6
      months to working on a project for pcgen. (Creating a new book, fixing
      bugs, coordinating with the code team on tasks that can't be
      accomplished today).

      Sadly, like everything else in life, this is a limited opportunity.
      Since I plan on dedicating significant time to each applicant, I'm
      limiting myself to the first four applicants. Only apply if you're
      committed to learning LST and have the necessary time to dedicate to
      learning for the next couple of weeks.

      1) Set you up to succeed - Installing the tools to help you be a Pro
      2) Understanding LST basics
      3) Understanding navigating the Docs
      4) Understanding how to build a PC Class
      5) Understanding how to build a Race
      6) Understand the principles of Subraces theory (Abilities vs. new races)
      7) Understand the role of Templates
      8) Understand the role of Abilities/Feats
      8a) Understand the functions of the rest of the file types (kits,
      languages, biosettings, etc.)
      9) How to determine proper methods to achieve a goal in pcgen
      (Understanding program limitations)
      10) Build a sample set using the methods learned - one race, one class
      with complexities, use a template to accomplish a template only function
      11) More as determined by individual needs
      12) Focus on the next steps, student directed project (creating a book
      in pcgen, working on a long term solution with the code team, etc.)

      I will mentor you each step of the way and be a resource to help you
      achieve success.

      You must be prepared and willing to join in online talk sessions,
      correspond with email and whatever else it will take to get you to be a
      successful PCGen Data Monkey. I'll conduct online classroom-like
      sessions demonstrating principles. However, unlike the videos, we'll be
      interacting and doing Q&A.

      Send your intent of interest to HELP@... (helpATpcgenDOTorg)


      Andrew Maitland
      Data 2nd