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24830Re: [PCGenListFileHelp] Changing spellcaster type in a Prestige class

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  • Andrew
    Jun 18, 2014
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      That my friend is quite a nasty class to implement. You're effectively erasing one class in favor of another. I'm not sure the program could handle that effectively, but not being one to give up on complex ideas - here's what I would suggest trying:


      x will have to be a variable to negate existing and future sorcerer level increases.

      Next, you'll need


      Using the same Variable as above to get the effective levels. HOWEVER, let me be very clear, that only helps with Casting, it won't grant any actual levels of Cleric or Remove actual levels of Sorcerer. Only one method exists for that, and it's not a pretty mechanism (Nor one I've ever had much use for) EXCLASS and the Exchange system. Your issue is you'd need redo the sorcerer, and make something like "PREALIGN" and then make it fall into Ex-Class. Check out the Anti-paladin class in the 3.5e set to see how that mechanism is supposed to work.

      Anyways, that's about the best advice I can think of for your class.


      On 6/18/2014 11:25 AM, neal.smith@... [PCGenListFileHelp] wrote:


      I am implementing a Dragon Prestige class.

      The Prestige class I am trying to implement has the following class ability:-

      At 1st level, the Prestige class loses any effective sorcerer level it had previously gained by virtue of its age and draconic variety. Its effective divine

      spellcasting level increases by the number of sorcerer levels it sacrificed, allowing the dragon to cast cleric spells much more effectively. These effective levels apply only to the dragon’s spellcasting, not to other class abilities (such as turning undead or wild shape).

      For example, a very old red dragon/1st-level cleric adopts this Prestige

      class. Its sorcerer caster level of 13th converts into thirteen effective cleric levels in addition to its 1 level of cleric, giving the dragon the spellcasting

      ability of a 14th-level cleric.

      I cannot work out how to implement his Prestige class feature.

      Help please.


      Neal Smith

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