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Re: Copyright issues

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  • seseca
    Thanks a lot, perfectly clear now. ... main issue. ... in the ... etc names ... RSRD. ... so ... form ... RSRD. ... translations, ... themselves.
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 27, 2007
      Thanks a lot, perfectly clear now.

      --- In pcgen_international@yahoogroups.com, "Frank Kliewe"
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      > On 3/26/07, Sergio Senosiain <seseca@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Thanks for your answer but i'm still in doubt, that were not the
      main issue.
      > > I mean, i know i can legally translate the RSRD, but can i use
      in the
      > > translation exactly the same skills, equipments, races, feats,
      etc names
      > > that translated PHB, DMG and MM use?
      > >
      > You'll need to do your own translation of the terms used in the
      > I think the translation that is used in the books is part of the
      > copyrighted material of the publisher who holds the rights to D&D,
      > you cannot use it.
      > With the books you will run into 2 problems where it comes to
      > - 1st there are some names that are not Open Game Content in the
      > they are used in the book, but have been renamed in the english
      > They need to have different names in your translation as well.
      > - 2nd Some translations in the books will not be literal
      > but will use some freedom to better keep the spirit of the genre in
      > your language. As the translation in the books is part of non-open
      > material, you cannot use these terms but will have to come up with
      > your own translation.
      > What you should do is translate the RSRD using your own words, and
      > where a feat or a skill then is the same as in the official
      > translation you can use that, but you will end up with quite a few
      > differences in names beween your own and the official translation.
      > Cheerio,
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