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  • boomer70
    Hi all, First sorry it has taken so long to get back to everyone. I have been dealing with some health and work issues and haven t been online much.
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 16, 2007
      Hi all,

      First sorry it has taken so long to get back to
      everyone. I have been dealing with some health and
      work issues and haven't been online much. Hopefully
      that will start to change.

      --- Martijn Verburg <martijnverburg@...> wrote:

      > > Hi,
      > > Yes, i've already have started translation. I'm
      > making "sed files"
      > > like the one in the files section. Am i wrong?
      > I'm not sure, Aaron will know :), but in the mean
      > time keep going :)

      For the time being that will be fine. We still need
      to improve the process for doing translations but at
      least if we get the data translated we can reformat it
      into a more translator-friendly method.

      > > I saw in the forum
      > > something about separated files and "keys" for the
      > strings to
      > > traslate but the conversation didn't end... so i
      > am doing this:
      > > I've used the script i posted to get different
      > files each one
      > > with the "sed file" format.
      > > Then i'm using player's handbook and DM guide
      > in spanish to look
      > > for the translation as far as i can.
      > Ah, this is where you will have to be careful, we
      > don't actually use
      > (and cannot legally translate) the PHB and DMG. We
      > use the SRD, which
      > the PHB and DMG are based off but without the
      > special names etc that
      > WotC uses (e.g. Tenser's Floating Disc)

      Also note that the translation itself may be a
      copyrighted work. In order to be truely safe about
      this you should do the translation without reference
      to those works.

      > > I'am traslating the feats file and i've
      > traslated previous ones
      > > in alphabetical order. I've also traslated skills
      > file, so if anyone
      > > wants to help or to revise sed files...
      > >
      > > I've also read in the forum the german traslator,
      > bern, wanted to do
      > > google searchs to automatic translations, (for
      > spanish is not useful
      > > cause the translation in google is very bad) but
      > sometime ago i made
      > > a java class sending data to an url and then
      > reading the answer from
      > > it, so if anyone wants to adapt it, i will send
      > it...
      > Please do, send it in to the files section here,
      > sounds like a useful
      > tool.

      Yes that could be really helpful.

      > Hopefully Aaron will be along shortly to add some
      > further direction to
      > this :)

      Hopefully in the next week or so we can finalize a
      process for translations that will be much simpler.

      Here is my current thoughts.

      Add a new tag to the PCC file called TRANSLATIONS.
      This will be a pipe separated list of language codes
      this data set has translations for. In the GUI there
      would be a option to select the language to load for
      that source which would default to the language set in
      preferences if possible.

      There would be a file translation_<language_code>
      which would contain all the translated text for the
      data set.

      The format of the file will be:

      So for example to translate the description of an
      ability like Agility it would be
      ABILITY|Agility|DESC|translated text.

      We could fairly easily generate a skeleton file from
      the dataset and just have the translator work from

      This of course will require some code change so it
      wouldn't happen right away.


      Aaron Divinsky
      PCGen Docs 2nd, Data Chimp, Code Chimp, Doc Tamarin

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