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Re: PCGen 6.0 I18N Requirements Gathering

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  • Tom Parker
    ... That is why I m trying to gather a list of what needs to be displayed or output. While I can take a pass from what I see in the code and character sheets,
    Message 1 of 11 , Jun 29 7:21 PM
      --- In pcgen_international@yahoogroups.com, Aubé Philippe
      <tymophil@...> wrote:
      > I think we should bear in mind that :
      > 1. All that is to be displayed should be translated.

      That is why I'm trying to gather a list of what needs to be displayed
      or output. While I can take a pass from what I see in the code and
      character sheets, an exhaustive code search is time consuming, and a
      few more sets of eyes and some experience with translation isn't
      experience I want to ignore.

      > 2. Everything that is to be displayed should not be used internally.

      I disagree. There are some items (such as height) that could be
      stored internally in arbitrary units, but converted to meters or
      feet/inches only when displayed. This would require a database of
      translations for meter, etc., but is likely preferable to forcing each
      locality to translate "2 meters" into their local dialect.

      > 3. There should be as few files as possible and the link between
      > file and translation "holder" should be clear enough for everyone to be
      > able to modify the translation easily.

      ...while at the same time not creating so much confusion for someone
      creating a custom dataset that they have to do contortions to get a
      personal dataset in only their home language.

      > 4. Changing tags should not affect the translation.


      > 5. Sorting should take into account accents.

      A GUI and Output Sheet item, already FREQed, and outside the scope of
      my current inquiry, but I agree.

      > Let me be clearer on points 1 and 2.
      > Spells have an awful long list of factors, most need to be displayed
      > are used internally. There should be no such thing. The duration of a
      > spell should be in two ratings : the duration as used internally and
      > duration as displayed. Am I clear ?

      I get the point; however, many of the spells items at the moment are
      just Strings, so this isn't a concern.

      > Maybe it would be a good idea to plit the files in several files : one
      > file holding internal information, another one holding displayed
      > information along with the translations (maybe one file per language).
      > Each new PCGen version should simply modify the "internal information"
      > part, not the translation one. When the translation doesn't exist, then
      > the english displayed information should be used.

      I think this is a bad idea, because it makes simple home-brew data
      unnecessarily complicated by introducing multiple files. I believe
      there are alternative solutions that do not require this complexity.
      I'll explain more once I get a chance to dig up Aaron's previous
      suggestions and make sure I'm not missing anything.

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