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Re: Dev Log 20091017 - LST Editor, Facets, Parse Error Logging

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  • karianna03
    Hi all, FYI, my report would have been OS Token vs Doc cleanup is paused due to RL :( Still on my radar though. K
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 20, 2009
      Hi all,

      FYI, my report would have been OS Token vs Doc cleanup is paused due to RL :(

      Still on my radar though.


      --- In pcgen_developers@yahoogroups.com, James Dempsey <jdempsey@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > Below is the log of our developer IRC chat on Friday night/Saturday
      > morning. In attendance were: Andrew (nuance), David (Papa-DRB), Drew, Eddy, Eric (maredudd), James, Mark (MotorViper) Tir, and Tom (thpr).
      > Summary:
      > * LST Editor design outlined
      > * Facet work update
      > * Parsing error reporting improvements outlined
      > Actions:
      > * None
      > The next meeting is scheduled for 13/14 November. Please let me know if this will not be convenient for you and if 20/21 Nov would be better.
      > Cheers,
      > James Dempsey
      > PCGen Code SB
      > (9:08:54 AM) James[Code_SB]: I'll start on the status then and we can
      > each give a short report
      > (9:09:55 AM) James[Code_SB]: I have the Spring integration working
      > locally and just need to add it to the build and test before committing
      > (9:11:05 AM) James[Code_SB]: I've also been playing around with the Jira
      > config to make it work for the code team's needs
      > (9:11:10 AM) James[Code_SB]: That's about it.
      > (9:11:12 AM) James[Code_SB]: next
      > (9:11:56 AM) thpr: I've been focused on the formula bugs (5 of them)
      > (9:12:16 AM) thpr: to ensure that a formula and PREVAR get evaluated
      > correctly depending on their context
      > (9:12:34 AM) thpr: it's exposed a few other underlying issues, but I'm
      > mostly there
      > (9:12:50 AM) thpr: big patch though (nearing 300k), so unlikely to
      > backport any of it to 5.16
      > (9:13:19 AM) James[Code_SB]: yikes - yes that is major
      > (9:14:09 AM) thpr: as I already mentioned, I also had a discussion with
      > nuance on the formula system
      > (9:14:30 AM) thpr: my action there is to take my formula compiler from
      > the sandbox and write a tool that will "test parse" all of the formulas
      > in our data to see if the system can parse them (which is reading them,
      > not interpreting the values)
      > (9:14:49 AM) thpr: assuming that works, then we can go further down that
      > evaluation. Hopefully any show stoppers will show up at that point
      > (9:15:02 AM) nuance: I'll be really impressed if it does, I think that's
      > a really hard problem
      > (9:15:18 AM) thpr: I take that as a challenge :)
      > (9:15:20 AM) thpr: Next project after that will be CHOOSE rebuild, now
      > that Eddy has finished running the data through the converter
      > (9:15:40 AM) thpr: that's it from me
      > (9:15:44 AM) nuance: I haven't done anything project related at all
      > since the last meeting.
      > (9:15:44 AM) nuance: I owe an update on the features supported by IDEA,
      > though and I hope to
      > (9:15:45 AM) nuance: update that this weekend.
      > (9:16:04 AM) thpr: Mark, what IDE do you use?
      > (9:16:14 AM) nuance: I might give Kar a bit a of a hand with his output
      > clean up while I'm waiting for Tom too
      > (9:16:49 AM) thpr: We still need to get someone who uses NetBeans to
      > chime in on that features list too
      > (9:17:05 AM) nuance: If no-one uses it , do we care?
      > (9:17:07 AM) thpr: I was hoping we could wrestle Connor into that
      > (9:17:11 AM) MotorViper: I use eclipse
      > (9:17:20 AM) thpr: Connor uses it
      > (9:17:23 AM) nuance: Ah, that's right Connor uses it doesn't he
      > (9:18:24 AM) thpr: I think that may be it for reports James
      > (9:19:12 AM) James[Code_SB]: Mark, did you want to add anything?
      > (9:19:32 AM) MotorViper: OK
      > (9:19:40 AM) thpr: oops, sorry about that :(
      > (9:19:48 AM) James[Code_SB]: anything you are working on or are you
      > ready for a new assignment?
      > (9:19:51 AM) James[Code_SB]: :)
      > (9:20:35 AM) MotorViper: I've been looking at the error reporting prior
      > to starting on the LST editor as it needs to have an easier way of
      > getting feedback into the editor.
      > (9:21:39 AM) MotorViper: Should also have the side effect of making
      > error handling easier to maintain etc.
      > (9:22:07 AM) MotorViper: It's going OK but there are a lot of classes to
      > edit!
      > (9:22:34 AM) thpr: if it hits the tokens, that's a few hundred classes
      > (9:22:42 AM) MotorViper: Don't I know it!
      > (9:22:48 AM) thpr: :)
      > (9:23:01 AM) MotorViper: :(
      > (9:23:31 AM) James[Code_SB]: Probably best to do an interim commit along
      > the way to get feedback
      > (9:24:04 AM) James[Code_SB]: rather than do everything and find out that
      > there is tweaking necessary
      > (9:24:14 AM) MotorViper: Not easy to do an interim commit but I can give
      > you some idea of what I'm doing if you like.
      > (9:24:30 AM) James[Code_SB]: Sure - we might add that to the end of the
      > agenda?
      > (9:24:38 AM) MotorViper: OK by me
      > (9:26:52 AM) James[Code_SB]: ok, next item - the LST Editor
      > (9:27:46 AM) thpr: Maybe this is one to direct at Mark as well
      > (9:28:01 AM) thpr: the question being - are you comfortable with what
      > the first steps would be
      > (9:28:24 AM) thpr: or it might make sense to step through them
      > (9:28:30 AM) thpr: or at least my idea of them :)
      > (9:29:33 AM) MotorViper: Lets have your ideas first
      > (9:29:50 AM) thpr: ok
      > (9:30:42 AM) thpr: For background, we did discuss the LST Editor in the
      > last meeting:
      > http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/pcgen_developers/message/308 for
      > anyone following along at home
      > (9:31:21 AM) thpr: The general framework is one where the Editor token
      > builds a String and submits that String to one of the CDOMTokens for
      > processing & validation
      > (9:32:09 AM) thpr: "Advanced" tokens may have some form of UI customized
      > to that token (e.g. a number spinner for an integer value)
      > (9:32:24 AM) thpr: but any token should be able to be added as a
      > CDOMToken and still appear in the Editor
      > (9:32:41 AM) thpr: therefore, the Editor needs to know what tokens exist
      > and be able to produce a default for those tokens
      > (9:32:55 AM) thpr: the default being simply a JTextField that the user
      > can input in the token value
      > (9:33:23 AM) thpr: so in my opinion, the starting framework is to have a
      > system that uses the existing plugin loader system to initialize the plugins
      > (9:34:02 AM) thpr: look in gmgen.pluginmgr.PluginLoader for that
      > (9:34:23 AM) thpr: then provides a list of item types (probably
      > hardcoded for now)
      > (9:34:43 AM) thpr: item types being Language, Ability, Skill, Spell, etc.
      > (9:35:17 AM) thpr: When one of those items is edited, there would be 3 tabs
      > (9:35:32 AM) thpr: first tab is named the type of object (e.g. "Language")
      > (9:35:41 AM) thpr: it has a field for the item (Language) name
      > (9:36:10 AM) thpr: second tab is "Other", which has all CDOMTokens that
      > are relevant for a language, but not relevant for a CDOMObject
      > (9:36:25 AM) thpr: third token is "Global Other" which has all
      > CDOMTokens relevant for CDOMObjects
      > (9:36:36 AM) thpr: all the tokens are just presented as JTextFields for now
      > (9:36:53 AM) thpr: That at least has a minimal UI framework for the tokens
      > (9:37:17 AM) thpr: that framework then needs the ability to edit
      > existing items (vs. creating new ones) and should save the items when it
      > closes
      > (9:37:35 AM) James[Code_SB]: can each of those tokens be added multiple
      > times? In that case it may be best to have a list of added tokens and
      > the ability to add/edit/remove on the second and third tabs
      > (9:37:38 AM) thpr: also copy items (& give them a new name)
      > (9:38:12 AM) thpr: James, good point, some tokens can be used multiple times
      > (9:38:23 AM) thpr: so it needs to be a list like we have today on the
      > "Advanced" tab
      > (9:41:05 AM) thpr: I think that describes a minimal framework
      > (9:41:50 AM) thpr: and doesn't require any of the token UIs to be built
      > in order to demonstrate the features
      > (9:41:58 AM) MotorViper: I can't see the need for 3 tabs, unless there's
      > a good reason it's easier to use with the "Other" and "Global Other"
      > combined into one
      > (9:43:02 AM) thpr: that's probably true
      > (9:43:10 AM) thpr: since the other tabs would be overflow
      > (9:43:21 AM) thpr: and thus only occur when a UI token doesn't exist,
      > they will be rare
      > (9:43:24 AM) nuance: If we split those, won't the user have to know
      > which one to add a new entry to?
      > (9:43:33 AM) thpr: so separation of the global tokens doesn't have that
      > much value
      > (9:43:52 AM) thpr: The long term goal is to have each of the UI tokens
      > specify what Tab it will appear on
      > (9:44:04 AM) thpr: So tokens would appear in different places based on
      > what their function is
      > (9:44:38 AM) thpr: this is setting up the "overflow" (undefined,
      > whatever you'd like to call it) function, so yes, it's probably bad to
      > separate them out
      > (9:46:14 AM) MotorViper: A bit of clarification on the first tab, does
      > it have other information other than just name which is what you seem to
      > have said.
      > (9:47:12 AM) thpr: not right now
      > (9:47:26 AM) thpr: but TYPE would eventually be put there
      > (9:47:29 AM) thpr: as would other tokens
      > (9:47:50 AM) MotorViper: its basically a placeholder on the first pass
      > (9:47:50 AM) thpr: the things that refer to the object itself
      > (9:47:53 AM) thpr: yes
      > (9:48:08 AM) thpr: I'm trying to define a set of work that builds the
      > framework
      > (9:48:13 AM) thpr: but isn't a ton of effort
      > (9:49:40 AM) MotorViper: worth it though as once you've done that
      > abstracting out the tokens will be possible
      > (9:51:22 AM) thpr: yea, the point is making it so you can do those 500
      > ish tasks one at a time
      > (9:51:46 AM) thpr: and part of the reason James is putting Spring into
      > the code base is so that things with shared structure only need one set
      > of UI code written
      > (9:51:52 AM) thpr: and the specific parameters defined in XML
      > (9:52:44 AM) thpr: Make sense?
      > (9:52:47 AM) thpr: any other questions?
      > (9:52:51 AM) thpr: or comments?
      > (9:53:48 AM) James[Code_SB]: I think that approach looks good
      > (9:54:22 AM) MotorViper: no questions for now, the initial version of
      > the editor looks fairly straightforward
      > (9:55:07 AM) MotorViper: the main problem will be working out which
      > tokens should go in the second tab
      > (9:56:01 AM) MotorViper: may have to start with hard coding unless
      > someone knows better
      > (9:56:37 AM) James[Code_SB]: You should be able to get a list from the
      > token processing code
      > (9:57:20 AM) James[Code_SB]: That's the gmgen.pluginmgr.PluginLoader
      > that Tom referred to
      > (9:57:44 AM) thpr: actually you need to initialize the PluginLoader
      > (9:58:09 AM) thpr: I'll have to find you an example of that
      > (9:58:16 AM) thpr: and then it initializes the TokenLibrary
      > (9:58:21 AM) MotorViper: Just looking at the code now
      > (9:58:29 AM) thpr: in pcgen.rules.persistence
      > (9:58:43 AM) thpr: you should be able to interact with TokenLibrary for
      > the most part
      > (10:00:06 AM) thpr: or technically TokenFamily.CURRENT
      > (10:01:23 AM) MotorViper: Found it so no more questions at the mo, will
      > put any I have on the message board
      > (10:02:09 AM) thpr: ok
      > (10:02:22 AM) James[Code_SB]: So next item, facet changes
      > (10:02:36 AM) James[Code_SB]: Over to you Tom
      > (10:02:37 AM) thpr: I think that's me
      > (10:03:16 AM) thpr: A bit in review - we are decomposing PlayerCharacter
      > into individual facets (pockets of function) in order to decrease its
      > size (20K lines)
      > (10:03:24 AM) thpr: and to extract out set of behavior that are common
      > (10:03:32 AM) thpr: I've created on the order of 50 facets down that
      > direction
      > (10:04:07 AM) thpr: These range from reasonably simple (HandsFacet) to
      > moderately complex (ClassFacet)
      > (10:04:26 AM) thpr: generally, they communicate with each other either
      > through direct references (which we will eventually use Spring to
      > initialize)
      > (10:04:29 AM) thpr: or through events
      > (10:04:49 AM) thpr: I have added in some test cases and many of the
      > facets are now commented
      > (10:05:13 AM) thpr: (I have more test cases written on my laptop, which
      > I will check in the next time I reboot it into linux)
      > (10:05:54 AM) thpr: Feedback is welcomed on facet structure or if people
      > are not clear on anything
      > (10:06:17 AM) thpr: goal is effectively full docs and full unit tests
      > for each facet, so we can isolate function and be able to test it
      > (10:06:23 AM) thpr: (which is a problem in PlayerCharacter today)
      > (10:06:34 AM) thpr: Two challenges
      > (10:06:50 AM) thpr: First is abilities - today we have the
      > rebuildAggregateAbilityWorker processing those
      > (10:07:16 AM) thpr: it will take some work to unwind that, but my
      > priority is to do the CHOOSE work first
      > (10:07:43 AM) thpr: once that is unwound, PlayerCharacter really starts
      > to fall apart (since the getCDOMObject method can be extracted from
      > PlayerCharacter)
      > (10:08:05 AM) thpr: so that will be a major event when completed
      > (10:08:32 AM) thpr: The other challenge we discussed previously and that
      > was in the circular dependent nature of certain items
      > (10:08:53 AM) thpr: meaning Ability can add a template that can add an
      > Ability, and that can produce loops in the facet dependencies
      > (10:09:43 AM) thpr: I've realized we can break that (and would break it
      > anyway) by using a formal "addition" system (which eventually would be
      > the addition to the Character graph)
      > (10:09:51 AM) James[Code_SB]: We will probably need a general solution
      > for that as with the global tags there can be a lot of that sort of
      > circular referencing
      > (10:10:30 AM) thpr: I think my solution is general enough to work just
      > about everywhere. (I haven't found a counter-case where it doesn't work)
      > (10:10:37 AM) James[Code_SB]: Excellent
      > (10:10:46 AM) thpr: basically any time a "native" object (Language,
      > Ability, etc.) is added, the loop is broken
      > (10:11:15 AM) thpr: so it really comes down to finding the time and
      > getting through the other projects (formula then CHOOSE)
      > (10:12:09 AM) thpr: questions or comments?
      > (10:12:50 AM) James[Code_SB]: The facet changes are going well from what
      > I have looked through
      > (10:16:40 AM) thpr: I think so
      > (10:19:01 AM) thpr: that's it from me
      > (10:20:06 AM) James[Code_SB]: ok, Mark did you want to talk about the
      > logging improvements?
      > (10:20:24 AM) MotorViper: Fine
      > (10:21:02 AM) MotorViper: The main change I'm making is that I'm moving
      > the parsing specific logging code out of the Logging class
      > (10:21:27 AM) MotorViper: This has been put into local objects which are
      > returned from the parsing functions
      > (10:22:07 AM) MotorViper: These objects then know if the parsing has
      > succeeded and if not why not.
      > (10:22:51 AM) MotorViper: There is a templated version of the object
      > that can be used for parsing functions that return something other than
      > a bool
      > (10:22:52 AM) thpr: so parse no longer returns a boolean
      > (10:22:59 AM) MotorViper: That's correct
      > (10:22:59 AM) thpr: but returns a ParseResult or some such?
      > (10:23:10 AM) thpr: some interface of some sort
      > (10:23:34 AM) thpr: how complicated does that make a token?
      > (10:23:47 AM) MotorViper: Not an interface at the moment but it could be
      > don't think it's necessary
      > (10:23:48 AM) thpr: have you done a simple token you can show
      > (10:24:03 AM) thpr: something like HANDS in Race
      > (10:24:08 AM) thpr: which is basically an integer
      > (10:24:22 AM) MotorViper: Yes
      > (10:25:32 AM) MotorViper: Actually I hadn't done that one yet but just have!
      > (10:26:08 AM) James[Code_SB]: Maybe post that to the dev list (or upload
      > it)
      > (10:26:28 AM) thpr: it can't be that long...
      > (10:27:03 AM) thpr: While he's working that, let me chime in on the
      > change from boolean
      > (10:27:08 AM) MotorViper: I can just paste it in here now if you want
      > (10:27:15 AM) thpr: yea- I think that's fine
      > (10:27:26 AM) MotorViper: public ParseReturn parse(LoadContext context,
      > Race race, String value)
      > (10:27:27 AM) MotorViper: {
      > (10:27:27 AM) MotorViper: ParseReturn pr = new ParseReturn();
      > (10:27:27 AM) MotorViper: try
      > (10:27:27 AM) MotorViper: {
      > (10:27:27 AM) MotorViper: Integer in = Integer.valueOf(value);
      > (10:27:28 AM) thpr: I'll come back to the boolean thing after you post it
      > (10:27:29 AM) MotorViper: if (in.intValue() < 0)
      > (10:27:31 AM) MotorViper: {
      > (10:27:33 AM) MotorViper: pr.addErrorMessage(getTokenName() + " must be
      > an integer >= 0");
      > (10:27:35 AM) MotorViper: return pr;
      > (10:27:37 AM) MotorViper: }
      > (10:27:39 AM) MotorViper: context.getObjectContext().put(race,
      > IntegerKey.CREATURE_HANDS, in);
      > (10:27:41 AM) MotorViper: }
      > (10:27:43 AM) MotorViper: catch (NumberFormatException nfe)
      > (10:27:45 AM) MotorViper: {
      > (10:27:47 AM) MotorViper: pr.addErrorMessage(getTokenName()
      > (10:27:49 AM) MotorViper: + " expected an integer. Tag must be of the
      > form: "
      > (10:27:51 AM) MotorViper: + getTokenName() + ":<int>");
      > (10:27:53 AM) MotorViper: }
      > (10:27:55 AM) MotorViper: return pr;
      > (10:27:57 AM) MotorViper: }
      > (10:28:25 AM) MotorViper: Of course the formatting is better in the editor!
      > (10:28:26 AM) thpr: A few thoughts
      > (10:28:41 AM) thpr: first, on the change from boolean - I expect that
      > based on our discussions
      > (10:28:53 AM) thpr: that's an arch direction as well, for other reasons
      > (10:29:11 AM) thpr: mainly that I'd like (someday) to extract the common
      > PRExxx parsing
      > (10:29:36 AM) thpr: which would require the token return something that
      > knows isPrexxxLegal() or some such
      > (10:29:54 AM) thpr: (and what object to add the Prerequisites to)
      > (10:30:12 AM) thpr: so if anyone is overly concerned about that change,
      > I think there are reasons to support it
      > (10:30:25 AM) thpr: comment #2 is that in a success, ParseReturn is empty
      > (10:30:37 AM) thpr: seems to me we'd want that to be return
      > ParseReturn.SUCCESS
      > (10:30:40 AM) thpr: which is a static, reused object
      > (10:31:02 AM) thpr: and failures could return new ParseFailure("message");
      > (10:31:10 AM) thpr: hence my comment earlier about interfaces
      > (10:31:37 AM) thpr: I guess that really leads to the question - is there
      > a reason to believe we need more than one message returned?
      > (10:31:41 AM) James[Code_SB]: It would be nice to see some way of
      > tracking row and column too for future editing extensions
      > (10:32:04 AM) MotorViper: that was the next part
      > (10:32:06 AM) thpr: I expect this is step 1 to getting there
      > (10:32:08 AM) thpr: :)
      > (10:32:13 AM) James[Code_SB]: Cool
      > (10:32:44 AM) James[Code_SB]: @Tom, if it is it could be handled as a
      > separate case. That's when you create a new ParseReturn object and add
      > in the errors
      > (10:33:10 AM) MotorViper: only reason for using addErrorMessage etc. is
      > that it made the updates easier
      > (10:33:25 AM) James[Code_SB]: I like the idea of having a shortcut to
      > return the normal single error aborts parsing situation
      > (10:33:50 AM) MotorViper: so do I, I'll add that in now
      > (10:33:59 AM) thpr: and I'd like to keep the success path from having to
      > construct a new object
      > (10:34:09 AM) thpr: since in theory the success path is used 99.99999%
      > of the time
      > (10:34:23 AM) James[Code_SB]: true
      > (10:35:20 AM) MotorViper: how about the templatised version that wraps
      > an object for parse methods that return something other than bool any
      > comments on that
      > (10:35:46 AM) thpr: not following
      > (10:36:13 AM) MotorViper: I'll try and hunt out an example
      > (10:36:52 AM) thpr: if you're referring to things that aren't CDOMToken
      > (10:36:56 AM) thpr: you shouldn't have to worry about those
      > (10:37:08 AM) thpr: but you do apparently need to worry about my
      > spelling (ugh)
      > (10:37:21 AM) thpr: the non-CDOMToken items are from the GameMode which
      > you don't need to edit
      > (10:37:48 AM) MotorViper: no I'm thinking about internal methods of tokens
      > (10:38:12 AM) thpr: like spells
      > (10:38:12 AM) thpr: SpellsLst
      > (10:38:21 AM) thpr: which has a finalize method that returns the boolean
      > (10:38:26 AM) thpr: ?
      > (10:40:20 AM) thpr: Let me go into comment #3 which kind of ties into this
      > (10:40:31 AM) thpr: I think there may be a way to do this gradually
      > (10:40:35 AM) thpr: rather than one huge cutover
      > (10:40:39 AM) thpr: to alleviate your pain
      > (10:41:13 AM) thpr: if you go back to the 5.16 branch, or SVN 9294 in
      > the Trunk, and look at pcgen.persistence.lst.PCAlignmentLoader
      > (10:41:30 AM) thpr: you will notice code that does this:
      > (10:41:31 AM) thpr: if (context.processToken(alignment, key, value))
      > (10:41:31 AM) thpr: {
      > (10:41:31 AM) thpr: context.commit();
      > (10:41:31 AM) thpr: }
      > (10:41:31 AM) thpr: else
      > (10:41:32 AM) thpr: {
      > (10:41:34 AM) thpr: context.rollback();
      > (10:41:36 AM) thpr: if (tokenMap.containsKey(key))
      > (10:41:38 AM) thpr: {
      > (10:41:40 AM) thpr: PCAlignmentLstToken tok = (PCAlignmentLstToken) tokenMap
      > (10:41:42 AM) thpr: .get(key);
      > (10:42:05 AM) thpr: this allowed a token for a PCAlignment to implement
      > EITHER CDOMToken<PCAlignment> or PCAlignmentLstToken
      > (10:42:25 AM) thpr: if you create another interface (a "peer" to
      > CDOMToken), you can do a gradual conversion in the same way
      > (10:42:39 AM) thpr: CDOMToken would eventually go away when your
      > conversion was complete
      > (10:43:03 AM) thpr: (which also give you your progress meter - how many
      > things are still implementing CDOMToken)
      > (10:43:18 AM) thpr: I'd be happy to help you set that up if you're
      > interested
      > (10:44:23 AM) thpr: Also lets you do a lot of the implementation work on
      > the base tokens while we can ponder the complex ones on the list or at
      > these meetings
      > (10:45:31 AM) MotorViper: problem is there are a number of places where
      > processToken is called, I'll have a look at how long it's going to take
      > and let you know if I need to do that
      > (10:46:13 AM) thpr: there are, but it's not unreasonable if you want to
      > use that method
      > (10:46:24 AM) thpr: it's what I did in the transition to CDOMToken
      > (10:47:43 AM) MotorViper: the other thing of course is that going
      > through and doing the whole lot in one go is a big update is that going
      > to be ok?
      > (10:48:10 AM) thpr: that's part of my concern
      > (10:48:37 AM) thpr: it's not a problem per se, but it is higher risk
      > than a gradual conversion
      > (10:48:48 AM) James[Code_SB]: Main risk is either that a) something bad
      > happens to your drive and you lose your work; or b) a change is checked
      > in that causes you to need to do lots of adjusting
      > (10:49:07 AM) James[Code_SB]: refactoring, which we do a bit is the main
      > cause of risk b
      > (10:49:43 AM) MotorViper: thought it might be, I was worried about that
      > myself so it looks like this is a good idea
      > (10:51:51 AM) thpr: I can set up that extra wrapper / converstion setup
      > this weekend
      > (10:52:08 AM) thpr: if you'd like
      > (10:52:39 AM) MotorViper: its ok I can do it unless you have a
      > particular way that it should be done
      > (10:52:59 AM) thpr: all you then
      > (10:53:22 AM) MotorViper: ok, anything else on this?
      > (10:53:35 AM) thpr: would be good to see it checked in w/o any token
      > changes, so it's easier to see by itself
      > (10:53:49 AM) thpr: that's it from me
      > (10:54:16 AM) MotorViper: I'll do the check in over the weekend, do we
      > check straight into trunk?
      > (10:54:23 AM) thpr: yep
      > (10:54:38 AM) thpr: we're in alpha mode now, so we can make changes like
      > that into the Trunk
      > (10:54:44 AM) James[Code_SB]: So after all the in depth feedback, I was
      > thinking, would ParseResult be a better name than ParseReturn ?
      > (10:55:25 AM) MotorViper: 50/50 for me, anyone else
      > (10:56:49 AM) thpr: ParseResult is probably better semantically
      > (10:56:58 AM) thpr: IMO
      > (10:57:11 AM) James[Code_SB]: In trying to justify why I prefer
      > ParseResult, it boils down to I find that Result is more descriptive
      > about what is happening. It defines it closer than Return
      > (10:57:36 AM) MotorViper: true ParseResult it is then
      > (10:58:48 AM) thpr: Thanks for putting up with all our comments Mark
      > (10:58:59 AM) James[Code_SB]: Agreed!
      > (10:59:24 AM) MotorViper: thats ok feedback is always useful and anyway
      > I'm just a newbie :)
      > (10:59:52 AM) thpr: I think we're about at our 2 hour limit
      > (11:00:05 AM) James[Code_SB]: So that was the last thing on the agenda -
      > is there anything else to be discussed?
      > (11:00:10 AM) James[Code_SB]: Yep, pretty much
      > (11:00:27 AM) thpr: I have two quick comments about next meeting
      > (11:00:43 AM) James[Code_SB]: Sure
      > (11:00:49 AM) thpr: one is to have people thinking about dates that may
      > be bad, and to share those with James
      > (11:01:31 AM) thpr: and two is a proposal for a major topic for next
      > time - output sheets & output tokens. If we want to do that, we should
      > poke Kar to do his homework.
      > (11:01:58 AM) James[Code_SB]: We would be looking at mid November for
      > the next meeting
      > (11:02:35 AM) thpr: Note Nov 27 is American Thanksgiving
      > (11:02:41 AM) thpr: so that's not a doable date
      > (11:02:57 AM) thpr: er, the 26th is Thanksgiving
      > (11:03:01 AM) thpr: but the 27th being that Friday
      > (11:03:10 AM) MotorViper: 6th is only bad date for me
      > (11:03:48 AM) James[Code_SB]: How about we aim for 13/14 with 20/21 as
      > the fallback
      > (11:04:42 AM) thpr: sounds good to me
      > (11:05:55 AM) James[Code_SB]: Right sounds like that's it for the meeting
      > (11:05:59 AM) James[Code_SB]: Thanks for coming along everyone - great
      > discussion as always
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